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Why You Should Adopt WhatsApp Integration For Hotels

WhatsApp integration for hotels.
Why You Should Adopt WhatsApp Integration For Hotels

There have been messaging apps, such as BBM, Facebook Messenger, Hike and more. However, only WhatsApp remains the dominant player. So much so that even businesses are now relying on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business offers several options for businesses, such as timings, automated responses, catalogue display, and many other features. However, for hotels, the WhatsApp business is not enough. You need WhatsApp Integration for hotels as well.

WhatsApp Business API: What And Why

For hotels, there is WhatsApp Business and there is WhatsApp Business API. They may sound quite similar, however, they are quite different from one another.

Hotels benefit greatly from WhatsApp Integration, with many features such as business profiles, quick replies, automatic greeting messages, contact labels, catalogues and more.

However, deeper integration is required for hotels with a wider business range. They need some additional capabilities to enhance their operations and facilitate better communications. This is where WhatsApp Business API comes into the picture.

Application Programming Interface (API) for WhatsApp Business integrates WhatsApp Business with the hotel management system, providing you with advanced coordination.

How WhatsApp Integration Helps Hoteliers

We have now discussed the importance of WhatsApp Integration for hotels. Let us now go into the specifics and discuss the various ways by which it helps the hospitality business.

1. Get Timely Booking Notifications

With WhatsApp Business API, you can get timely notifications regarding hotel bookings. You can keep yourself updated by enabling the notification option for WhatsApp.

You can also get notified of cancelled bookings and also for rescheduled bookings.

2. Get Updated On Reports

Hotel reports are an essential part of the hotel business. With WhatsApp Business for hotels, you can integrate it with your PMS and get essential reports on high balance, daily arrival and departure, concierge report, POS terminal and others.

Keeping track of all the hotel reports is essential for evaluating the performance of the hotels and analysing them.

3. Better Communication

With WhatsApp Business API Integration, you can facilitate better communications for your hotel. You can communicate better with staff by notifying them of the Wi-Fi password, bill settlements and even unexpected cancellations from the hotel side.

With staff, you can also keep track of tracks, shifts and updates. Every time, there is a task, they can get notified through WhatsApp. The staff can mark the task as completed right on the Chat Box and it gets updated on the hotel PMS.

4. Catalogues, Payment Links, Etc

WhatsApp Business for hotels can really up your game by offering convenience to both customers and sellers.

With WhatsApp Business, you can share the hotel's menu, catalogue and even payment links. With hotel PMS, you can integrate all the aspects of the hotel business.

5. Lead Generation And Acquisition

WhatsApp Business helps in lead generation. For example, you can integrate your hotel website with WhatsApp. The guests can inquire about the rooms, prices and offers on the WhatsApp chat option integrated with the website.

You can save the contact for future uses and then pitch them again whenever there is a new offer.

6. Mark Leads Based On Labels

The most important aspect of customer relationship management (CRM) is labelling all the guests based on their characteristics.

This way, you can seamlessly interact with various types of customers by curating personalized marketing campaigns.

You can mark the guests as fresh leads, potential customers, existing customers and more.

7. Create Broadcast List And Schedule Messages

You can also schedule messages with the help of WhatsApp Business Integration for hotels.

You can schedule messages based on the broadcast list and time zone they live in. With WhatsApp, you can easily connect with international audiences because it does not charge a fee for international communications.

8. Customer Analytics

With the help of WhatsApp Business Integration, you can get real-time messaging and spending analytics, and view all the metrics for conversions, and other important business data.

By utilizing WhatsApp Business Integration for hotels, you will be able to facilitate better communication, generate more leads and also gain more business.

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