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WhatsApp Marketing For Hotels: The Only Guide You Need!

WhatsApp Marketing for hotels.
WhatsApp Marketing For Hotels: The Only Guide You Need!

With 2 billion users, WhatsApp has emerged as a popular and powerful messaging app, for personal and business use. All, businesses, including the hospitality industry, are using this app to communicate with their audiences. WhatsApp Marketing for hotels has emerged as a major marketing channel for hoteliers. But what is the reason for the exponential growth of WhatsApp Business?

People are not wrong when they say that the most brutal department of any business is marketing, and the most brutal industry of all is the hospitality industry. If one wants to perform marketing for the hospitality industry, you know that it’s as challenging as anything can get. WhatsApp marketing for hotels is a great way to help hoteliers navigate the challenges of hotel marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing for hotels offers several benefits, such as an easy way of communication, personalized messages and better reach. In this guide, we will discuss how you can use WhatsApp as a major marketing tool for hotels.

WhatsApp Marketing For Hotels: Why Is It Important

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that allows users to send text messages, images, videos as well as broadcast messages. With WhatsApp Business, you can easily communicate with the guests and share with them -

  • Set Up A Professional Profile

  • Personalized Messages

  • Business Details

  • Website Link

  • And More!

Due to this, WhatsApp Marketing for hotels is the sure-shot way to increase bookings, and revenues as well as the efficiency of communication with the guests. Hotels can use this cost-effective channel of communication to optimally target audiences, as well as reconnect with them for retargeting and remarketing. In the next section, we will discuss the advantages of using WhatsApp Business for your hotel.

WhatsApp Business For Hotels

WhatsApp has emerged as an efficient way to reach out to its audience. Here are some of the features of WhatsApp Business. With these features, you can take your hotel marketing to the next visit.

1. Professional Profile

One of the main advantages of using WhatsApp Business for hotels is that it enables you to set up a business profile. On this profile, you can add your company logo, opening hours, menu, catalogue, website link and many more. This gives your hotel WhatsApp Marketing a professional look and will enable your customer to know the important details in one place.

2. Automated And Interactive Messages

With the help of automated messages, you can communicate with your audience without any human intervention. You get to set up automated replies for the audience to choose, based on which, you can send automated messages. You can great greeting messages for new audiences, as well as messages to confirm appointments.

With interactive messages, you can also enable guest communication by sending responses based on interactions. You can also set up away messages i.e messages sent after working hours. You can also add CTA in this feature.

3. Quick Replies

With the help of WhatsApp Business, you can also send quick replies to various common questions such as business hours, location, pricing etc. With the help of this feature, you can save the time of your guests, as well as make customer interaction seamless for hotels.

4. Labelling

Another feature of WhatsApp Business is that you can easily label your clients and customers. This way, you can personalize your marketing, and make your business more orderly. You can categorise the guests into various categories such as new enquires, pending bookings or completed bookings. This will optimize your WhatsApp Marketing for hotels.

5. Analytics

WhatsApp Business also provides you with analytics, that will provide you with all the information regarding your performance. Hoteliers can track the effectiveness of their WhatsApp campaign through this feature. You can track the messages sent, delivered and received. You can also check data related to user engagement and response rates.

Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Business For Hotels

We have now discussed the unique features of WhatsApp Business. Let us now discuss the advantages of using WhatsApp marketing for hotels. This platform is really helpful for hoteliers who want to reach their audience in an efficient manner.

1. Maximum Reach

With WhatsApp Business, you can reach the maximum audience in a relatively cost-effective way. Hotels can use their database of guests to reach out to them. This database can also include those who interacted with them on the phone call or even subscribed to their newsletter.

2. Convenient

Used by billions of customers, WhatsApp marketing for hotels is the best way to communicate with guests and increase bookings. Many hotels have their phone numbers on their websites.

The guests can use that number to contact the hotel reservations manager through WhatsApp. Hotels can also create groups for their staff, agents and even outsourced revenue management teams to communicate.

3. Promotion For Free

With WhatsApp Business, you can easily promote your hotel free of cost without any fees, monthly subscriptions etc. With so many amazing features, using WhatsApp marketing for hotels is a no-brainer.

WhatsApp Marketing For Hotels: How To Use It

Now that we have elaborated on the fundamentals, let us now discuss how to use WhatsApp Marketing to gain maximum advantage out of the medium.

1. Collect And Utilize Database

In the hotel industry, data is everything. Before you expedite WhatsApp marketing for hotels, you need to collect accurate and reliable data and a lot of it. This way, you will be able to perform marketing much more effectively.

2. Make A Broadcast List

The next step is to create a broadcast list. With its help of it, you can reach out to multiple customers at the same time. The best part? You can create multiple broadcast lists to reach out to different types of audiences - solo travellers, couples, families, corporates, groups, etc. This helps you streamline your hotel marketing on WhatsApp.

3. Strategies On Message Frequency

In the quest of promoting their product or service, many marketers end up nagging the customer, which should be avoided. You need to create a calendar, where you need to decide which broadcast list should be reached out to at what frequency. It will also help you in keeping track.

4. Create A Message Template

To keep your marketing consistent, you need to have message templates in place. This will help you save time, and also provide consistent marketing to the guests. From welcome messages to send-away messages to quick responses, you need to have them all in place.

5. Keep Analyzing Your Performance

Last but not the least, you need to keep analyzing your performance. This will help you check whether or not you are doing the right track for hotel WhatsApp Marketing or not. With WhatsApp Business, you check various metrics such as messages sent, delivered and received; customer engagement as well as the response rate. Regular evaluation can increase your hotel revenue by a great margin!

To Conclude

WhatsApp Marketing has now emerged as a powerful tool for hotels. With the business version offering many features, you will surely love using the platform for your next campaign! With so many features like quick replies, automated messages, catalogues, business profiles and more, it will take your hotel marketing to the next level!

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