Content Management

The Hotel Business cannot be controlled single-handedly as it is much complex in maintaining and managing the content starting right from the Hotel display name through portals, its portrayal (description) also the rates of the food, rooms, services, etc. Policies are also a vital part of this content which should be managed appropriately. We in Bigfoot, take care of all this content updating, management, and changes on a timely basis. As a result, we are the best content management system for our clients. This gives our clients the freedom to develop and work on strategies and planning for growth as all the hard-hitting tasks, which divide their time and concentration are held by us very effectively and efficiently.  We not only manage the content of our clients which they have on their websites or in hotels but also, take care of the content management for them on the marketing sites like TripAdvisor or google business page by uploading HD images or update high-resolution images or by any finest possible means.