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Best OTA Management Company

Our Mission: Why We Are Here

The hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic and challenging industries. Hotels, homestays and other types of accommodations have to navigate various aspects such as attracting guests, managing costs, generating revenue and making their business profitable. Not only that, hotels need an efficient OTA management company as well since OTAs are emerging as a major source of hotel bookings. 


Single-individual hotels and homestays, however, face unique challenges. We have realized that these challenges include visibility, low economics of scale, lack of knowledge about revenue management, outsourcing issues, etc. Revenue management and social media marketing especially need additional expertise, which many hotels lack.


Established hotels have an advantage over single-individual hotels. The hospitality industry, being competitive, can be difficult terrain for newcomers. This is where an OTA Management company can help hoteliers. 

We Are Here To Help

Understanding these problems, Bigfoot Hospitality was established in 2016 to help Single individual hotels sustain their business and make them profitable. We offer the following services for hotels and homestays:


  • Revenue Management

  • Social Media Management And Marketing

  • Reservation Management

  • OTA Management

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Photography and Video Making

  • Hotel Website Development And Maintenance

  • SEO For Hotels 


Along with being an OTA management company, we are a one-stop solution for revenue management and social media marketing for hotels, resorts and homestays. With the help of a dedicated team of experts, we provide various services for hotels, and relieve burden from the hoteliers. Hoteliers can in turn, use the time to provide great hotel guest experience to their customers.


A business relationship is made of two parts - business and relationship. We at Bigfoot Hospitality believe in emphasising both these parts. We believe that every hotel has the potential to grow, and commitment from us is all that is required to grow. We build long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial.


Relationships are built on the foundation of honesty and transparency. When we take clients on board, we discuss everything - the profitability, our services and expectations from both sides. We never shy away from sharing difficult truths, nor from hearing them. Because every truth is a brick that lays a strong foundation base.


Results will make a difference only when they are consistent. Bigfoot Hospitality delivers high performance consistently in revenue generation and lead generation. We work throughout the year to ensure that everything - reservations, marketing, lead generation and revenue is taken care of


We are available anytime, and anywhere. Our team is available from morning to night. In case you have any emergency or urgent issues, we are here to solve them. We are available offline during office hours and online as well.

Image by Manuel Moreno

You Can Count On Us

Bigfoot Hospitality believes in delivering the best service and outsourcing for Single individual hotels, homestays, holiday villas and resorts. We have many properties under the Bigfoot Family and strive to build a close and profitable relationship with our clients. Being the best OTA Management company, we also ensure that hotels get both direct bookings as well. 


Our first and foremost aim is to help the hotels reach their best potential. For us, each hotel has great qualities. We help the hidden gems shine brighter. With this approach, we can bring out the best in hotels and homestays.


If the hospitality industry is the universe, we will make your hotel shine bright like a star!

Helping Hotels In Revenue Management, OTA Management, And Social Media Management Since 2016

  • 100 + Hotels 

  • We serve hotels Pan India

  • The best OTA Management Company that provides revenue management and social media management. 

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