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Bigfoot Hospitality

Bigfoot Hospitality was founded by Mahesh Patil in 2016 with a vision to help small and budget hoteliers to grow their businesses digitally.

In his vast experience of having worked with leading online travel agencies in India, he observed that small hotels cannot afford to have a large team working for them just like any star hotel. To achieve success in the hospitality industry, providing innovative experiences to guests is the key. With this philosophy, Bigfoot Hospitality helps small-and-medium hotels and resorts provide memorable experiences that match those provided by star hotels.

You pay us one department employee salary monthly and we do 10 department work in that money.

In today’s neck-to-neck competition, the marketing budget that a hotel allocates for branding and advertising of its services must be spent in capitalizing on the right opportunities. However, with a good marketing team, there must be also a good revenue management team to measure the success of the budget and its contribution to the revenue generation.