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The hospitality industry has witnessed a massive transformation in the last decade. The lifestyle of people and booking patterns are changing exponentially, requiring the hotel industry players to reshape their business models, in order to accommodate the ever-changing trend. On the other hand, a growing labour shortage as well as the increasing cost of operations and advertising are collectively affecting the profit margin of hoteliers. With these conditions, a hotel revenue management company is needed to help increase profitability. 


Also, while consumers are shifting to digital media for research, decision-making and purchases, it’s high time the players in the hospitality industry streamlined their digital strategy to boost their bottom line. That's why hotel revenue management companies also need to provide hotel marketing as well since it leads to an increase in revenue and profitability of hotels. 

In such a scenario, the need of the hour is a robust hotel revenue management system and hotel marketing that can help hoteliers anticipate demand and accordingly optimize the price, and an aggressive digital marketing strategy to reach the targeted customers. Our expertise in hotel revenue management and digital marketing help small-and-medium hoteliers in mitigating operational cost through continuous optimization.

As a hotel marketing company in Mumbai led by professionals with rich experience, we deeply understand the challenges facing the industry. From creating an ever-lasting impression online to getting your potential guests to book rooms directly on your website, our comprehensive range of services ensure your strategic and financial goals are met.

Our unbiased, data-driven approach makes it easy for hoteliers to detect the root of a problem and make actionable decisions. Bigfoot Hospitality is a hotel revenue management company that will take care of your revenue and marketing.