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12 Important Hotel Reports For Your Business

Hotel reports for hospitality business.
12 Important Hotel Reports For Your Business

For any business, evaluation and analysis are integral to any exercise. Without it, one will not understand where the business is heading. The Hospitality industry is no different. Various types of hotel reports are needed for hotels, resorts, apart-hotels and homestays to analyse their operational efficiency and business performance.

Let us learn about the various hotel reports that are essential for your hotel business. These reports will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your hotel's performance and administration.

The Important Hotel Reports

Hotels have 2 important divisions - Operations and Administration. The operations division is divided into the front office, food and beverage (F&B), kitchen, and housekeeping. While the administration division is divided into HR, Finance, Maintenance, purchases, sales and marketing.

Each of these departments has several hotel reports. Let us understand the most important of them.

A. Front Office Reports

The Front Office is the face of your hotel. It has the prime responsibility to handle the guests, confirm reservations, settle transactions, coordinate with other departments of the hotel and represent the hotel brand name to the immediate guest. Here are some of the important hotel reports of the front office department:

1. High Balance Report

Many hotels allow the guest to extend their stay on a credit basis, the payment of which is taken later on. The guests can also use the credit facility to enjoy various services of the hotel, the payment for which is settled later. However, the credit facility has a limit. This limit is known as house limits.

Every day, the night auditor will check if the hotel guest has exceeded the house limit. If yes, then that guest is on the high balance report. That hotel report will be shared with the front office manager and then the guest will be notified about the exceeding balance.

2. Daily Arrival And Departure Report

With so many check-in and check-outs, it is important to keep track. This is where the daily arrival and departure report comes into the picture. Without such a report, the hotel will not be able to serve the guest's property, since one needs to know who is there at the hotel before one can serve them.

This report is available to the housekeeping, sales and concierge departments due to the following reasons.

  • The Housekeeping Department can know who is at the hotel and when, so they can manage to housekeep efficiently. They can get to the room ready for the guests the moment they enter.

  • The guests can initiate the check-out process for guests with early departures. It can save time by avoiding last-minute chaos, with early billing settlement and transactions.

  • The sales and marketing department can sell rooms based on the rooms available.

  • The Concierge can arrange for pick and drop for guests who are arriving and departing. With the hotel report, it can be arranged smoothly.

3. Concierge Report

The Concierge’s job is to ensure pick-up and drop-off facilities for the guests. It also includes a sightseeing and day trip facility for the guests. These services are requested from the reception. The concierge report shares a detailed report of the guests who took this facility each day. The bills can be settled in a prepaid or post-paid manner.

B. Night Audit Reports

Night Audit Reports are called so because they are undertaken to summarise the performance of the hotel on the day to day basis. These reports are formulated after major operations for the day are done. Some of the night audit reports are:

1. Manager Report

The manager report is one of the most important reports for hotels. It evaluates the revenue realised by each department of the hotel, along with the forecast figures. The important indicators in the report are:

ADR - Average Daily Rate

ARR - Average Room Rate

Average Occupancy Rate

RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room)

2. Forecast Report

Daily Forecasting Report consists of forecasting the upcoming arrivals, departures, ARR and so on. The data is important for forecasting hotel revenue and sales. It takes several factors into accounts such as events, holidays and the competitor's performance in the area.

3. Daily Sales Recapitulation Report

Every hotel department sends the sales and other hotel reports to the manager. However, the manager does not have the time to look at all the sales reports of all the departments every day. This is where the daily sales recapitulation report comes into play. This report summarizes the revenue data of all the departments.

4. Cashier Report

A hotel report that records all the cash inflow and outflow of the hotel is known as the Cashier report. This report is especially relevant for the front office department, which deals with settling transactions. The figures are later tallied by the accounts department.

5. POS Terminal Report

Along with the main cashier report, a POS terminal report is also maintained for the various POS terminals at restaurants, bars, cafes, spas and various other paid amenities of the hotel. Here, the transactions of POS are recorded, along with their settlement status. The POS terminal transactions are then settled after the night audit if not already done.

C. F&B Reports

The F&B department is one of the most important divisions of the hotel. Any outlet that serves food and drinks to the customer is known as the F&B department. Naturally, there are as many hotel reports based on the number of restaurants and outlets. The F&B supervisor consolidates these reports and sends them to the night auditor for making relevant updates.

One of the most important F&B Reports is the restaurant sales report. It records all the revenue generated from food and beverages in a day, week, month and even a year. Hotels that serve liquor are divided into 2 sections - Food and Liquor.

D. Kitchen Reports

Hotel Kitchen is one of the most important aspects of the F&B Department. It is the main source of the department without which the department will not exist. The hotel kitchen has to manage the inventory of perishables and non - perishables.

The kitchen has to keep track of all the food and beverage inventory used. Wastage also needs to be recorded to get prevent it from being a catastrophe for the hotel.

E. Housekeeping Reports

The housekeeping department is the heart and soul of the hotel. It is involved with keeping the hotel, rooms and amenities clean and also monitoring them to prevent theft or breakage. An unclean room, bathroom, amenity or hotel is a sure-shot way to get a one-star review.

There are some important hotel reports for the housekeeping department:

1. Room Occupancy Report

Sometimes a visitor may come to visit the hotel guest. However, for obvious reasons, the hotels don't allow the visitors to stay in the guest’s room overnight. The housekeeping department fills in the room occupancy report during the morning and turndown service.

The report helps the receptionist and the security to inform the guest about the visitor policies of the hotel. Regulating visitors is also essential from the security aspect.

2. Minibar Sales Report

The Minibar Sales Report records the various items used in the minibar. The items in the minibar are chargeable. The housekeeping personnel checks all the items consumed from the mini bar and includes their cost in the overall bill.

Hotel reports are essential for the functioning of the hotel. Without these reports, a hotelier will not be able to keep track of the revenue, occupancy, bills, items consumed, chargeable amenities used, wastage and inventory usage. These hotel reports are essential for accurate and timely bill settlements.

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