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Success Stories

Our clients have witnessed unprecedented improvement in their online bookings and the bottom line. Our range of services, including website design, online reputation management, channel manager, and booking engine, have all helped our clients ascend to greater heights in a matter of days.

Here is a list of a few clients who witnessed massive improvement in their direct bookings after availing Bigfoot Hospitality services:

Forganic Farms


Problem :  No social media presence and no OTA presence

Forganic Farms had little to no social media presence and zero OTA listings until we stepped in to shoulder them with creating a brand awareness campaign. The social media team at Bigfoot Hospitality started to work on their social media profile and OTA contracting aggressively. Our strategy included both paid as well as organic social media campaigns, and consequently getting them listed on all the popular OTAs. Our collaboration resulted in a 45% boost in our client’s revenue to 70% from mere 25%: all of this in a span of just 2 months.

Malhar Villa



Problem :  Very low direct bookings as most bookings was coming from OTAs.

Etched on the coast of Kashid Beach in Maharashtra, Malhar Villa was struggling to improve its direct bookings.  As a big chunk of bookings came from OTAs, the hotel ended up paying a significant percentage of its revenue in commission to the OTAs. To improve the ratio of direct bookings, the client approached Bigfoot Hospitality to understand how they can improve this figure. After taking over the handle, we evaluated the quality of the clients’ communication with their potential guests and found that staff lacked the skills to connect with the customers.

The direct booking numbers witnessed a surge of over 30%  when the function was delegated to Bigfoot Hospitality team. Our team also recorded the call details in a software and made regular follow-ups, resulting in more closures. In the end, we helped the client save commission, which otherwise had to be paid to OTAs, by leaps and bounds.

Avanti Kalagram



Problem : Less online visibility with zero business from OTA

Avanti Kalagram had low online visibility with zero business from OTA. Our team at Bigfoot Hospitality created a fresh portfolio of high resolution pictures and updated the content on the OTA’s website with a professional touch. We also revamped the client’s website to make it more user-friendly and incorporated the best SEO practices for better search engine ranking. We further helped create a social media campaign to improve the engagement with their potential customers.

Hotel Mongas


Problem :  Low web presence and low visibility on social media.

The Dalhousie-based Hotel Mongas was facing the challenge of improving visibility on social media until Bigfoot Hospitality stepped in. We rejigged the client’s website to make it more SEO-friendly and strategically distributed the targeted keywords. In addition to redesigning the website, our social media team created and managed social media page, thus creating their brand awareness across social media channels.

Pink Petal Service Apartment


Problem :  Increase in No show guest and unable to manage

Pink Petal Service Apartment had listed itself on but was unable to collect payments as there was no payment gateway embedded on the page. Thanks to our tie-up with the client, we set up the payment gateway at the outset and started collecting the online payment from As a result, no show bookings dropped significantly.

Hotel Bhagat



Problem :  Very low booking flow and zero online visibility.

Joshimath-based Hotel Bhagat had zero online visibility and no communication channel through which its guests could communicate with the hotel staff. Adding to woes was the difficulty in reaching the property, given its location in a hilly region. Thanks to our collaboration, we worked on their website from scratch and kept the location central to the theme since the property is surrounded by lush-green mountains dotted with deodar grooves. We then added a booking engine on the website for direct bookings before getting it listed on OTAs.

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