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Success Stories

Our clients have witnessed unprecedented improvement in their online bookings and the bottom line. Our range of services, including website design, online reputation management, channel manager, and booking engine, have all helped our clients ascend to greater heights in a matter of days.

Here is a list of a few clients who witnessed massive improvement in their direct bookings after availing Bigfoot Hospitality services:


Problem :  Issues with Website Ranking, And OTA Presence.

At Cherilyn Monta Resort, we revolutionized the way they connect with their guests. Recognizing the absence of an online travel agency (OTA) presence, we strategically listed the property across various OTAs, amplifying their reach and boosting their total sales. Moreover, we took charge of managing their reservation calls, ensuring a seamless booking experience that resonates with their guests.

In addition, we revamped their online visibility through meticulous SEO efforts. Leveraging keywords such as "Resorts in Rajapur" and "Wedding Destination In Ratnagiri," we secured them a prime spot on Google's search results. This strategic positioning led to a substantial surge in website traffic and inquiries, ultimately affording them the flexibility to elevate their Average Room Rate (ARR) and optimize their revenue potential.



Problem :  Issues with Website Ranking, And OTA Presence.

Shantai By The Lake underwent a remarkable transformation under our guidance. Addressing the absence of an OTA presence, we orchestrated a comprehensive integration across various OTAs, igniting a new avenue of bookings and revenue streams. By adeptly managing their reservation calls, we not only streamlined their booking process but also enhanced guest satisfaction.

Our commitment extended to refining their online visibility through targeted SEO strategies. We strategically pursued keywords like "Resorts in Guhagar" and "Wedding Destination In Guhagar," catapulting them to prime real estate on Google's search rankings. This strategic elevation in search visibility led to a significant surge in organic website traffic and inquiries, empowering them to augment their Average Room Rate (ARR) with newfound confidence.



Problem :  Needed rebranding and didn't have much social media presence.

The transformation of White House Beach Resort exemplifies our prowess in rebranding and revenue optimization. Transitioning from its previous association with OYO, we embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, meticulously erasing all vestiges of the former branding and introducing it as the distinguished Brand White House Beach Resort.


Leveraging our expertise in social media, we fortified their online presence, establishing a dynamic connection with their target audience. The impact was profound – a remarkable upswing in total occupancy rates and a noteworthy surge in revenue, painting an impressive picture of growth at nearly 50% Year-Over-Year (YOY).


In each case, our strategic interventions, spanning from expanding OTA visibility to precise SEO tactics and revitalizing branding, have led to remarkable transformations and tangible revenue enhancement.



Problem :  No social media presence and no OTA presence.

Embarking on a journey of transformation, we catalyzed the growth of Forganic Farms from obscurity to prominence. In a realm where social media presence was minimal and OTA listings were non-existent, Bigfoot Hospitality assumed the role of a guiding light. Crafting a comprehensive brand awareness campaign, our adept social media team meticulously crafted a strategy that intertwined paid and organic social media endeavours. Simultaneously, we undertook a vigorous OTA contracting process, securing our client's presence on renowned platforms.


The culmination of our collaborative efforts bore remarkable fruit - a resounding 45% surge in revenue, catapulting our client's figures from a modest 25% to an impressive 70%, all achieved within a mere two-month timeframe. This meteoric rise stands as a testament to the potency of strategic brand building and precise OTA integration.



Problem :  Less online visibility with zero business from OTA.

The transformational narrative of Avanti Kalagram echoes the prowess of Bigfoot Hospitality in resurrecting online visibility and operational efficacy. Confronted with scant business from OTA channels and tepid online engagement, our seasoned team dexterously orchestrated a multifaceted revitalization.


We embarked on a visual rejuvenation journey, curating a fresh portfolio of high-resolution imagery that exquisitely showcased the essence of Avanti Kalagram. Seamlessly weaving professional finesse into the content, we invigorated the OTA website, rendering it an inviting oasis for potential guests. The journey didn't halt there; we seamlessly merged technological prowess with artistry, moulding the client's website into a user-friendly haven while invoking the power of superior SEO practices to ascend the echelons of search engine visibility.


Complementing our digital overhaul, we orchestrated an engaging social media campaign, rekindling connections with potential patrons. The synergy of these strategic endeavours not only amplified online resonance but also revitalized customer engagement, laying a robust foundation for growth.



Problem :  Low web presence and low visibility on social media.

Nestled amidst the enchanting realm of Dalhousie, Hotel Mongas' quest for enhanced social media visibility found its guiding star in Bigfoot Hospitality. Amidst the challenges of online obscurity, we emerged as architects of transformation, meticulously restructuring their virtual identities.


Harnessing the potency of SEO optimization, we reconfigured the client's website, strategically embedding targeted keywords to magnetize search engine traffic. A comprehensive makeover was orchestrated, not merely in the realm of aesthetics but also in the ethos of user-friendliness, rendering the website an inviting doorway to the Dalhousie experience.


Taking the stride further, we orchestrated the creation and management of a captivating social media page, catalyzing the propagation of their distinct brand identity across digital domains. This harmonious confluence of digital reformation breathed new life into Hotel Mongas, elevating it from the shadows of social media anonymity to the limelight of online recognition.

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