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Hotel OTA Management


OTAs have now become a requirement in the hotel business. Most properties list themselves on OTAs since it has now emerged as the best approach to attract clients, particularly if the hotel is new or a small business. Hence hotels now need a hotel OTA management company that delivers results. 


On the consumer side, OTAs are useful since they provide a list of hotels depending on location, property type, room type, and other choices. Dynamic pricing has simplified hotel OTA management. Yet, professionals are required to use dynamic pricing and alter prices to maximise income.


Bigfoot Hospitality manages OTA listings for both old and new properties. We have the property listed on all of the main OTAs, as well as a few smaller OTAs. We update the rates on the OTAs and follow up with the OTA managers, as well as getting OTA-related issues resolved on time by contacting the team. We list properties on many OTA sites, including MakeMyTrip,, Agoda, and others. Being a reliable hotel OTA management company, you will have nothing to worry about. 

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