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10 Content Marketing Strategies For Hotels In 2022.

Content Marketing Strategies For Hotels
10 Content Marketing Strategies For Hotels In 2022

You are a hotelier and Covid has impacted your business. You are stressed and confused. The business has to be saved at any cost. You realise you need a new ingredient - Content Marketing. There are many content marketing strategies on the net.

However, you are confused about which are the best content strategies and how to go about it. We present 10 Content Marketing Strategies For Hotels In 2022!

Why Are Content Marketing Strategies For Hotels Important?

A cozy hotel room
Marketing is all about attracting the customers

Maintains Visibility

Getting visibility in the digital sphere is of utmost importance if you want your property to be noticed and generate profitable revenue. Hospitality is currently a very competitive business. Hotels also have to compete with hotels that have been established for years.

If you want the property to stand out amongst the crowd of well-established hotels, content marketing is the ideal strategy to start with. This not only creates a mark on the digital platforms but also drives sales and bookings easily. Creating and updating content on the internet regularly can give hotels an edge and keep your business flowing throughout the season.

Maintains Communication With Customers

A guest is ‘King’ since they are the ones that will determine whether the hotel is a success or a failure. Especially in 2022, the Covid Pandemic has created more apprehensions in the mind of the customers. It is also true for hotel revenue management companies and hotel marketing companies.

Hoteliers need to reassure the guests and inform them of any changes so that the customers maintain trust in you. Along with the many efforts, hotel owners will have to follow a consistent calendar of hotel content updates and infographics. Bigfoot Hospitality is here to help hoteliers with organised and well-planned content marketing strategies that drive revenue.

Helps You Discover New Opportunities

When researching content marketing strategies for hotels, you also get a gist of what travellers are looking for. Customers are always looking for something new, and content marketing can help you gain feedback and new opportunities.

10 Content Marketing Strategies For Hotels In 2022

By following these content marketing strategies, you can gain, discover, and engage with travellers better

Choose Promotion Platforms Carefully

OTA platform TripAdvisor which is essential for content marketing strategies.
OTA Platforms are essential mediums to market your property

First things first, a hotelier needs to be where the audience is. One of the best content marketing strategies one can execute is promoting your hotel, homestay or resort on trusted and popular platforms. This is also true for hotel marketing companies as well as hotel revenue management companies.

Tripadvisor,, Make My Trip, Airbnb, etc., are a few of the platforms where the audience is. They check for properties on these platforms and give reviews as well. Building a presence will surely help in generating more leads and in turn, more revenue.

Amenities, Location and other relevant details need to be updated to make the listing complete. An incomplete listing can be a deal-breaker since it will give an impression of non - seriousness.

An SEO Optimized Website Is Mandatory

Image of different methods of SEO
SEO - Search Engine Optimization can make or break your social media presence

Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short is a technique through which you can get the website ranked higher in the search engine. There are a few things a hotel needs to use SEO as an effective tool for content marketing strategies:

Firstly, create engaging content. Creating high-quality content will increase the number of backlinks you have on your website as well as the website ranking.

Secondly, include proper keywords. Google Search Engine makes use of keywords for search queries. For this, the hotelier will need to do Keyword Research to get the relevant keywords used. You can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush and Moz.

Thirdly, optimise the website for mobile, since most people use this device for searching. For that, you will need to create a responsive design and remove unnecessary clutter.

Leverage The Hotel’s Social Media Presence

Social Media is an important tool for content marketing in 2022.
Different Social Media Platforms You Can Use

One of the most important content marketing strategies for hotels is to optimise the social media presence and use it to your advantage. Hoteliers can use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote their content as well as property. They can use social media to reach out to get more backlinks and ask influencers to promote their posts.

There are a few things to do to grow your social media presence:

  • A Strong Content Marketing Strategy - Understand your target audience and goals.

  • High-Quality Content - Create high-quality content if you want to stay competitive in the brutal social media sphere. Create interactive content to gain more audience and relate to them.

  • Audience Engagement - Engage with the audience. Respond to their comments on time and use Instagram features to connect to your audience and answer their questions.

Work on The Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategies and Content Marketing Strategies need to go hand in hand. Scheduling emails to reach the target audience at the right time will help your business. You will need to use content marketing in your emails by creating visually pleasing, minimalistic and yet informative email copies and designs that will generate leads and conversions.

Build an Email Subscriber List

Building a list of email subscribers is an important factor if you want to gain more audience. There are email subscribers that will look forward to your content if it is engaging and interesting enough. Segregating your audience as well as tracking them segment-wise is one of the most important content marketing strategies for hotels.

Segment your engaging email subscribers based on demographics, geography, booking history, booking preferences. Mailchimp is a good email marketing tool that can be used for free.

Use Different Types Of Content

Follow the trends regarding which type of content is popular. Use Video content as well as social media posts to generate more leads. Instagram offers reels, stories and different stickers you can use for the hotel’s social media page.

Memes can be useful if the property wants to portray a quirky element. You can use videos of the property on social media. Use reels and stories to show various aspects of your property. Make use of Carousel posts to showcase the rooms, amenities, and activities.

Personalize The Content

The best way to connect with the audience is to personalise your content. For you to personalize the content, you will need to segment your audience. Segmentation of the audience can be done based on demographics, psychographics, lifestyle as well as past bookings/leads.

You can create separate email content for them, and plan your social media posts, stories and reels based on the prominent demographics. Content Marketing Strategies need to be used to plan events and add amenities/activities to your property to make it more attractive to the said audience.

Post Content About The Policies and Offers Regularly

A hotel room with all the amenities. Your visuals should an important part of content marketing strategy.
Your guests want to be updated. Make sure you communicate any changes seamlessly and promptly.

To stand out from the competition; hotels, resorts and homestays need to devise new offers and to make your offers reach the audience, they need to be informed about them through email marketing and social media. You can create engaging content to encourage the target audience to check your offer. The audience appreciates it if you inform them of the policy changes beforehand, because, more than anything else, the audience appreciates transparency.

Include Testimonials In Content Marketing

Including testimonials can really help your content marketing strategy. Word of mouth has always been and will always be the best marketing tool. The customers will want to know what the existing customers feel about your hotel, homestay or resort. Use these testimonials as a carousel post on Instagram and post them on the stories as well. This gives you content as well as leads.

Keep Updating The Content Marketing Strategies For Hotels

If the hotel wants to remain in the content marketing game, it will need to keep reviewing, analysing and updating your content marketing tools and techniques to improve your performance and lookout for new trends. The competition is brutal and any complacency in your content can hamper your performance. Hotels can and go, and to stay in the game, you will need to update yourself.

Follow all these Content Marketing Strategies For Hotels and your hotel business will surely succeed. Follow our blog page to get more information on various topics related to hospitality!


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