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The Ultimate Social Media Guide For Hotels

Today, building a Social Media presence for businesses or even personal use comes very naturally. Businesses use social media as a platform for branding and marketing purposes, and eventually generate leads through it. In the case of a hotel business, social media is an important factor when it comes to creating a brand name. A good social media presence helps hotels interact with their audience and promote themselves largely. This blog is “The Ultimate Social Media Guide For Hotels”.

The hospitality industry benefits a lot from social media. That being said, almost 97% of the guests use social media to look up their ideal holiday home and to share pictures after the trip. And, this has carved the way for Social Media Marketing for Hotels.

Bigfoot Hospitality provides expert social media services for hotels & resorts.

Let’s talk about the important social media strategies for hotels.

1. Facebook Marketing

Before going for building up a social media presence for your hotel, the first step is to identify who your target audience will be. And the target audience is determined based on factors like age, gender, and location. Based on where your hotel is located and the category of your hotel, it will be easy for you to determine your target audience.

Quick Tip- 88% of guests are mostly millennials!

It is accurately said that most of the guests would not choose a hotel without social proof!

Well, Facebook is now the most highly used social media platform and this comes with ample marketing opportunities for Hotel Businesses.

Start by creating your Facebook Page with your brand name, an easily accessible user id, images, address, hotel category details, description & contact information. Also, a good high-resolution cover photo works wonders! Don’t forget to keep changing it from time to time. For that extra attention, show off your offers and attractions on it too! The next step would be to start adding and sharing your page with people starting with your close ones.

What should you post if you are a Hotel Business?

All you have to post on your page is amazing hotel photos, pictures of the scenic surroundings, and attractions, offers and hot deals, guest reviews, short videos, live videos & stories.

Encourage your guests to check in on Facebook when they visit your hotel, add location tags, and also start live videos. This boosts Facebook engagement insanely.

2. Instagram For Hotels

Instagram is the second most important platform in “The Ultimate Social Media Guide For Hotels”. Facebook and Instagram are now interconnected. You can start up by creating a business account for your hotel. Make sure you add all your important details to the profile.

Since Instagram is known for photo and video sharing, hotels must share attractive, vibrant & high-resolution images for their hotel, its food, attractions, and amenities on the profile. Same as Facebook, use live videos and stories to increase engagement.

As Instagram is more about images than texts or captions, High-resolution images are very important for good branding purposes. Bigfoot Hospitality has Hotel Photography Packages at very affordable prices!

You can also opt for Influencer Marketing to increase your audience and visibility on Instagram.

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags on the images. Pictures with hashtags receive 12% more engagement as compared to others.

You must use a balance of both,

Popular hashtags– #Instalike #likeforlike #followforfollow #igers #tagfortag and likewise

Follow Bigfoot Hospitality On Instagram For Trending Tips Ideas For Hotels.

3. Youtube Channel For Hotels

A Youtube Channel for your hotels acts as a bonus! Everyone is well aware of the fact that videos have a higher engagement rate as compared to images. Youtube marketing for hotels will drive significant traffic to your brand and will also bring you guests easily.

Client testimonials, hotel tours, events, concerts, festive celebrations, and videos of amenities will help you brand your hotel very well on youtube.

Use Google Keyword Planner and relevant hashtags, location details, keywords, an attractive thumbnail while publishing your video to gain huge traction.

4. Tweet On Twitter

Although Twitter is not as popular in the industry, to be honest, it is now growing with time. It would be a major miss for your Hotel if you don’t have a Twitter presence. This platform actually helps to drive traffic to your hotel website.

To put it in short words, Twitter is loud and speedy!

Twitter allows guests to tag your location and hotel and tweet good or bad reviews or experience. If you have a Twitter presence, you can easily join the conversation and use it to your benefit! This is one of the social media ideas for hotels.

5. Pinterest Hotel Boards

Pinterest is a less popular platform, but it has silently been a fabulous player!

If anyone is in search of attractive ideas, creative images, aesthetic design inspo, and such good things, they always head on to Pinterest

Pinterest is not about images to be precise, it’s all about PINS. You can add a link to every PIN you add. What can get better than this!

So, let’s say if your hotel uploads a photo of your property and 100 people re-pin it, all 100 pins will still link back to your website

On your Pinterest account, share important information about your hotel, blogs, short videos, and create different boards based on categories.

For example- Travel Tips, Hotel Exteriors, Resort Activities, Foods, and much more.

6. Trip Advisor To Increase Reviews

Trip advisor is a huge travel website & app for many years. It has made a valuable place in Social Media Marketing for Hotels. The site receives approximately 490 million unique visitors every month. And TripAdvisor users have contributed over 760 million reviews and opinions.

If your Hotel does not have a presence on this platform, there are very less chances that travelers are going to choose your hotel.

This was The Ultimate Social Media Guide For Hotels and how Hotels can benefit from it. In case you need Professional Services for Hotels And Social Media, Contact BigfootHospitality the best Hotel Marketing And Revenue Management Company In Mumbai.

Happy Marketing!


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