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Wifi Marketing For Hotels: How To Use It To Your Advantage.

Wifi Marketing.
Wifi Marketing For Hotels: How To Use It To Your Advantage.

You must be wondering, “Wifi Marketing for hotels? Don’t we already have too many types of marketing?” Yes, we do. But guess what! That’s the nature of marketing! Marketing is an ever-growing field. Few types and strategies for marketing are emerging in real-time because our markets are evolving at a breathtaking speed.

The hotel industry is no different. The hospitality industry has become so dynamic and competitive. Properties and hospitality brands now have to identify the needs of the customer before the other properties or brands do. The internet, social media and modern technology have changed the entire scene. Here, we will learn about how we can use Wifi Marketing for hotels!

What Is Wifi Marketing For Hotels?

Wifi Marketing for hotels.
How runs the world? Wifi!

Along with food, medicine, shelter and clothing, Wifi has now emerged as one of the most important services needed for personal and professional use. When a guest comes to a property - the very first question in most cases is - “Is there free Wifi available?” Most places have free wifi, or in some cases free wifi for a certain time. Hotels, airports, malls, and even railway stations have wifi now.

When a person connects to a Wifi network, they get a sign-in notification which leads them to a landing page. You need to share your contact details such as phone number or email address to get access to the Wifi. The Wifi provider can capture the data. When a customer accepts cookies - they can receive targeted ads and promotional offers based on search history. Wifi Marketing for hotels can be an added boost to your marketing.

Why You Should Utilize Wifi Marketing For Hotels?

You have already got a gist of Wifi Marketing and now you want to know why it is beneficial for your hotel. Here are a few benefits of Wifi Marketing that can help you in hotel marketing.

1. Collect Guest Data For Hotels

The main benefit of Wifi marketing for hotels is that it can collect guest data for the hotels. The landing page of the hotel’s wifi network acts as a source for the data collector. Through multiple options of logging in, you can get various details about the customer such as their phone number, email address and social media handle details.

With the help of third-party cookies, you can also get information about the guest’s search behaviour, interest and preferences. However, you can collect cookies with the consent of the guests and doing so without their permission is a breach of privacy. This is one of the best use of Wifi marketing for hotels.

2. Attracting Customers With Offers

Similar to your hotel’s website, you can showcase the various ongoing offers and upcoming offers on Wifi captive portal as well as redirect them to the hotel website from it.

Captive Portal is a webpage that contains the terms and conditions for the use of Wifi. One reaches this page after giving credentials for Wifi use. The Captive portal can also have the offers stated, as well as the link to the website.

You can use a CTA button to gain conversions for an offer or promotion. You can also welcome them to the hotel website by putting the website URL.

3. You Can Promote Area Specific Schemes With Geofencing

One of the advantages of Wifi Marketing for hotels is geofencing. It is like beacon marketing, the only difference being that the beacons are replaced by wifi routers. Like beacons, wifi routers can get the guest’s location and send them promotional offers for that specific location.

For example, if a guest goes to the lobby. The hotel lobby is adjacent to the restaurant. The Wifi point will get switched and due to geofencing, the location will be updated and the guest will get promotional offers to encourage him or her to come to the restaurant.

4. Using Wifi Analytics To Understand The Guests

Marketing is incomplete without analytics and Wifi Marketing is the best source for it. With the help of Wifi analytics, you determine the unique visits to pages, time spent and the guest is where at what time. For example, if you figure out the hotel bar is filled between 7 - 12 PM, you can run special offers. You can also go a step further and start promoting from 6 to entice the guests to visit the hotel bar.

Steps To Get Started With Wifi Marketing For Hotels

Here are a few steps you need to follow to get started with Wifi Marketing:

Step 1: Arrange For A High-Quality Wifi Provider

This is the first and the most important step. Any compromise on this will ruin the user experience and will ensure that you don’t give anything more than a 2-star review (If the guest is kind enough…). Ensure that the Wifi providers support a 5 GHz frequency. Going with a 2.4 GHz Frequency will ensure that the internet speed will slow down, especially with multiple users.

Step 2: Identity Access Points In Hotels

The hotel should then identify the access points for the hotel guests to use the Wifi. Accordingly, install Wifi Routers at these locations. This will also be useful in geofencing. It is a crucial step in Wifi Marketing for hotels.

Step 3: Creating A Splash Page And Captive Portal

The next step is to create a Splash Page and a Captive Portal. The Splash Page works as a data collector for the Wifi, while the captive portal will showcase the hotel’s offer or direct them to the hotel website. You can configure your guest portal and also add the landing page URL.

Step 4: Enable Push Notifications

This step will require some technical expertise and is a bit tricky. It requires coding knowledge. You need to ask your Wifi provider to set up geofencing and allow for push notifications for each access point. This is one of the advantages of Wifi Marketing for hotels.

Step 5: Testing

Last but not the least, you need to keep testing your system to ensure that it works. You need to test and cross-check every aspect and access point. Any goof-up and hamper wifi marketing for hotels, and ruin guest experience.

To Conclude…

With these steps, you will be easily able to set up wifi marketing for hotels and target customers as efficiently as possible! Hotel marketing is getting competitive day by day and having wifi marketing in your arsenal will give a boost to your property. Check out our blogs to know more about hotel revenue management and hotel marketing.


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