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Types Of Hotel Rooms: A Complete Guide

Let us discuss the various types of hotel rooms
Types Of Hotel Rooms: A Complete Guide

As a hotelier, you must be confused - “Which type of rooms does my hotel have?”, “Which type of rooms should my hotel offer”. This is a question many guests have as well. The hotel industry is one of the most popular offerings of the hospitality industry, however, both the business owners and the customers are confused regarding the various types of hotel rooms.

Here, we will guide you through the classification of hotel rooms. We will also discuss which hotel room is suitable for which guests.

Why Should We Have Different Types Of Hotel Rooms

Each guest is unique and has different needs, preferences and requirements. Some are solo travellers, while some are couples or family guests. Others want a budget room, while there are those who want a family room. Some guests want only a bedroom, while some want a suite room. With so much variation in guest personas, hotels need to offer at least 2 different types of hotel rooms.

By offering different varieties of hotel rooms, properties will be able to diversify and cater to different types of guests.

Types Of Hotel Rooms Based On Occupany And Size

A spacious double room in a hotel.
Double Rooms

Let us now discuss the various types of hotel rooms that hospitality businesses commonly offer. First, let us discuss the most basic classification of hotel rooms based on occupancy and size.

1. Single Room

A single room is for one person. It is generally smaller in size. Many hotels offer single occupancy at a cheaper price.

2. Double Room

A double room is for two people. These rooms are catered to guests who want double occupancy. It is the most common type of hotel room. These rooms are perfect for couples and families with small kids.

3. Triple Room

Triple Rooms, as the name suggests, can accommodate three people. They are larger in size compared to single rooms and double rooms. These rooms have 3 twin beds, or one double bed and one single bed. These rooms are great for small groups and families.

4. Quad Room

Quad rooms are quite large since they are assigned to four people. It is generally catered to larger rooms and families. Usually, Quad rooms have two double beds.

Types Of Hotel Rooms Based On Beds

This is another popular classification of hotel room types based on the types of beds. This classification is one of the most important ones because this is the next aspect that the hotel guests check, after the occupancy capacity.

1. Queen Bed

Queen Beds are a basic type of double bed. They are smaller in size compared to King Sized Beds.

2. King Bed

King Beds are larger than Queen Beds. They are generally situated in larger rooms. These rooms can generally accommodate more people. They are considered to be of higher offering.

3. Twin

Twin Rooms generally have single beds, also known as twin beds. Twin rooms are usually double occupancy, however, there are hotels that offer rooms with three or even four twin beds.

4. Double Twin

These types of rooms offer two double beds, usually queen-sized beds. These types of rooms are usually catered to small groups for families. These rooms are quite spacious.

5. Studio Rooms

Studio rooms are those that offer a studio bed - a couch that can be converted into a bed. These types of rooms can also have an additional bed.

Types Of Hotel Rooms Based On Offerings

Standard and deluxe rooms are common types of room classification.
Standard Rooms

Let us now discuss hotel rooms based on offerings. Although it differs from hotel to hotel, the nomenclature is common among most hotels.

1. Rooms-Only Rooms

There are some accommodations that offer only a room to sleep in. They are the simplest offerings with a common bathroom, common kitchen area and common spaces. These types of rooms are found in dorm-type hotels, inns and some bed and breakfasts. They are designed for budget travellers.

2. Standard Hotel Rooms

Standard Hotel Rooms are those that offer a bedroom and a private ensuite bathroom. These types of rooms have all the amenities to provide a nightly stay for the guests. They are the most common types of hotel rooms. The bathrooms may or may not have a bathroom, but all of them have a shower and a toilet.

3. Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe Rooms don’t have particular characteristics as such. The difference between a standard room and a deluxe room is in price and size. Deluxe rooms are of a higher class compared to standard rooms.

Suite Rooms

These type of hotel rooms are considered to be a unique category.
Presidential Suite Rooms

These types of hotel rooms are considered to be a separate class in themselves. Unlike Standard rooms, suite rooms are designed with separate spaces. While a hotel room only has a bedroom and a bathroom, a suite room has a separate living room, which is separated from the bedroom by a wall.

These rooms are quite large and hence, usually offered by those in the luxury or upmarket category. Some suite rooms also offer a kitchenette as well. Let us discuss the various types of suite rooms.

1. Standard Suite Rooms

Standard Suite Rooms are larger than the standard suite rooms. While the standard hotel room is separated into a bedroom and bathroom, suite rooms include a living room as well. They are considered to be luxurious or semi-luxurious offerings.

2. Junior Suite Rooms

Junior Suite Rooms are smaller than the standard suite rooms. They may have a separate living area, but it is not separated by a wall. The living area is an extension of the bedroom itself. It is a sweet spot between a standard room and a suite room.

3. Presidential Suite Rooms

These rooms are the largest rooms a hotel offers. These types of rooms are usually found in luxury and upscale hotels. These rooms have one or more bedrooms, with a large living area, and even a dining area too. They offer high-quality amenities and supplies, along with a spectacular guest experience.

Special Types Of Hotel Rooms

Cabana rooms are one of the special types of hotel rooms
Cabana Rooms

Now let us discuss the special types of hotel rooms that cater to special needs, and preferences and are unique compared to other hotel rooms.

1. Connecting Rooms

Rooms that have a connecting door with another room are known as connecting rooms. Each room connecting to one another has an individual door on the outside and a connecting door between each other. The guest can go to these different connecting rooms without going to the hallway.

2. Cabana Rooms

Cabana Rooms will always have the swimming pool adjoining them or will have a private swimming pool directly connected to the room. These types of rooms are generally found in resorts.

3. Accessible Rooms

These rooms are designed for guests that are disabled. These rooms have accessibility features such as a ramp and a stand for specially-abled guests.

4. Villas

Many luxury resorts have stand-alone villas that have more than one room. They are designed to give extra room and privacy to the guests. The high-end amenities are designed to enhance the guest experience. These luxury villas offer a swimming pool, jacuzzi and a private balcony. These rooms are suitable for couples, families and large groups.

To Conclude

With so many room types, the hoteliers need to decide which type of rooms they should offer in general, along with which room should cater to which guests. Each type of hotel room has a specific purpose, and they need to be used optimally to deliver maximum results.

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