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The Secret To Branding Your Hotel The Right Way

Why is branding an important aspect of a Hotel Business? Simply put, branding is creating a strong public image of a business, product, or individual. It is a promise to consistently deliver to the customers, and when this goal is achieved the brand has shaped the perceptions of the consumers. Branding is all about reputation and consistency. In an industry such as ours, Hoteliers face competition as there is a neverending array of choices in the market. This demands a Hotel to have its unique personality, USP, & brilliant services. In this blog, you will learn “ The Secret To Branding Your Hotel The Right Way.”

If you’re planning to create a brand image for your hotel, Bigfoot Hospitality is the best Hotel Branding Agency that will help you meet your goals.

Start By Creating Your Hotel’s Brand Identity.

A Brand Identity is something one can physically touch, hear & hold. It is something that appeals to one’s senses. It must be something that reflects the culture, history & personality of your brand (Hotel).

These are the four elements to start with, in creating your Brand Identity-

  • Logo- The Central To Developing Your Hotel’s Brand.

  • Look And Feel- Your Hotel’s Visual Language.

  • Target Message- The Message You Want Your Hotel To Deliver. ( Eg- A Villa That Defines Luxury)

  • USP- The Unique Selling Characteristic Your Hotel.

Let’s talk about some of the best Hotel Branding Strategies-

1. Identify Your Core Target Audience

A Hotel’s target audience is a category of consumers the hotel wants to do business with or wishes to make them their guests; or else a category of people they wish to do business with in the future.

A Hotel Business must align their marketing and sales efforts in order to effectively attract the right audience to the brand. In the initial stages of branding your hotel, make a list of the following aspects & target your audience accordingly.

  • What will be the reason your guest takes a trip?

  • What will their booking window? (i.e. the time between placing a booking and the stay)

  • How long are they likely to stay?

  • Will they come back?

  • What activities would they like to do?

  • What will they prefer to eat?

2. Share Infographics

Share infographics related to your brand & educate your audience about important things they need to know about you. Use various social media channels to deliver these to your target audience.

On Social Media, infographics receive higher engagement in comparison to text-only content. Try keeping the theme of your infographic such as it speaks about the personality of your brand. This will help you deliver the right message to the right audience.

This is considered an important tip in “Secret To Branding Your Hotel The Right Way”.

3. Try Review Marketing

Review Marketing in case of a Hotel Business works wonders! Ask your friends and family to add a review for your hotel business in the initial stages of your business branding.

Later when you have truly satisfied and happy guests, ask them to leave your brand a review on platforms like Google MyBusiness, Facebook & Trip Advisor.

This will help you create a strong brand image, attract more guests, gain trust & will also help improve your website SEO. Guests often surf the internet for more reviews as compared to the actual hotel business. Some of the groups of successful hoteliers have one thing in common- a bunch of positive reviews about their hotel.

Encouraging guests to leave a review after their stay is a mandatory aspect of Best Hotel Branding.

4. Social Media Marketing & Blogging

Hoteliers must consider social media marketing as the heart of the branding process in 2020. Any potential guest that wishes to know more about your hotel, its surroundings, theme, services, and such aspects, will first check out your social presence and interactions.

Social Handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube will be good to start from.

Read the blog that Bigfoot Hospitality has dedicated to social media beginners- ‘The Ultimate Social Media Guide For Hotels.

Blogging on the other hand will help you improve your website SEO. When a person searches for a business similar to yours, your brand will be listed among the top results. Not only this, writing a blog for your hotel business will help you voice your thoughts, announce upcoming offers, trends, festivals & activities, etc.

5. Reward Your Guests

Who wouldn’t love a huge discount or a free complementary service while planning a stay? Providing around 30% or even 10% discounts on your booking channels and announcing them on your social media or blogs, this will attract more guests easily.

Provide a complimentary drink, freebie, or even breakfast, and your hotel is likely to steal the deal!

Keeping guests happy will act as a spotlight in branding your hotel and will instantly boost your brand esteem.

These were some of the key Hotel Branding Strategies in the blog ‘ Secret To Branding Your Hotel The Right Way’. We hope you found this helpful and educational.Stay tuned for more Hotel Marketing And Revenue Management related blogs.

“Courteous treatment will make your guest a walking advertisement”


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