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8 Best Ways To Promote Events In Hotels For More Business

8 Best Ways To Promote Events In Hotels For More Business
8 Best Ways To Promote Events In Hotels For More Business

There are many ways by which hoteliers can generate additional revenue. Promoting events in hotels is one of them. Event management is a different ball game altogether, with the entire staff having to coordinate, such as catering, housekeeping, front office and F&B.

These events can offer something more than just the standard room inventories. It can provide new experiences to the guests, and also attract new customers. In fact, hotels will get additional revenue from those who only want to experience the events. Hence, you need to promote events in hotels to make the most out of your property.

How To Promote Events In Hotels?

Now, let us discuss the 8 ways to promote events in hotels to generate additional revenue. Keeping track of events' industry trends is of paramount importance for hotels.

1. Your Hotel Space - Promote It!

The only way anyone will come to host an event on your property is when they are aware of it. This is why promotion is essential for lead generation. It's all about the marketing funnel - awareness, consideration and then conversion.

Before promoting events in hotels, you need to promote your hotel space, where you can offer various events such as weddings, music, corporate, and social events. For that, you need to look for the right audience on various platforms.

2. Event Planners

Even though the trend of direct marketing is gaining in popularity, businesses, especially hotels, benefit a lot from intermediaries and B2B customers. This strategy can be used to promote events in hotels as well.

Hoteliers can directly connect with event planners. Event planners are major players in the hospitality industry. Wedding planning especially has emerged as an industry in itself. Contacting event planners will help you promote events in hotels to different audiences.

There are event planners for different types of events such as corporates, birthday parties, anniversaries and more! You can host various events based on your capacity, space and budget. You should promote your events accordingly.

3. Travel Agents Are Your Friends

Even the concentration is now on direct bookings and OTA bookings. However, travel agents still have their utility, especially for promoting events in hotels. Many event planners often take the help of travel agents to get contacts of hotels, and event planners in turn promote these hotels.

You should approach these travel agents and ask them to promote them to event planners or directly to customers looking to host events in hotels. Travel agents look for properties with larger facilities and amenities, to promote them to various guests. Travel agencies are useful for corporate bookings as well.

Share all the necessary details with the travel agents such as capacity, infrastructure and amenities. This way, you can take advantage of travel agents and gain additional bookings and revenue.

4. Focus On Corporates

Corporate bookings are among the major revenue stream for hotels. For business trips and corporate outings, companies need a reliable property for their teams. That’s why hotels should also have amenities geared toward business travellers, such as conference halls, high-speed wifi, and a spacious desk in each room.

During corporate outings, companies host many corporate events such as seminars, shows and even entertainment events. If your property is already popular with corporates, it will be easier for you to promote corporate events in your hotel as well. You can use banquet halls and conference halls for corporate clients.

Corporate events in hotels can generate regular revenue compared to banquet halls since they are used more often. Banquet halls can be used for special corporate events and parties. It's a win-win situation since you get to utilize two amenities for one segment.

5. Host Your Own Events!

Along with weddings and corporate events, you can promote your own events in hotels. There are many things hotels can host - comedy shows, hotel anniversary celebrations, annual celebrations, new year bashes, and more. If you are a hotel in an area famous for vineyards, you can host Wine Festival by tying up with one of the vineries.

With these events, you will enhance your hotel branding. Instead of merely being known for offering rooms and amenities, your property will be known for offering various diverse experiences. Promote these hotel events on various channels to attract your target audience.

6. Get listed On Event Planning Platforms

One of the ways to get noticed for event hosting is to be listed on the various event planning platforms. To be visible online, you need to take the help of various event planning platforms online. Many of those who are planning to host events look for a site where all the places to host events are clearly listed along with essential details. This is the best way to promote events in hotels to internet users.

Through these platforms, one can choose a hotel to host events based on location, capacity and amenities. List your hotel now, if you have not done so.

7. Promote Your Events On Social Media

You should be promoting your events in hotels on social media platforms to gain maximum traction. Promote all your families and amenities, based on the types of events you want to promote. The hotel should also highlight the events previously hosted by them. This creates social proof since they will prefer to trust other guests more than the hotel itself.

Always post photos of any events that took place on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and various other platforms. Videos have emerged as the most popular form of media, and dynamic as well. It can be used as short reels, bloopers and also edited short and long videos.

8. Deliver The Best Experience

You can host several events, but it will only be scalable if you make those events memorable. This is especially true for weddings. To ensure the flawless execution of your event, you need to focus on these elements - ambience, food, service, hygiene and technology.

The key to hosting a great event is to make both, the guest and the event planner satisfied with your property.

By following these steps, you will be able to promote events in hotels efficiently and generate additional revenue for your property. Hotels events are emerging as a major trend in the hospitality industry.

Read our blogs to know more about the hotel industry. Bigfoot Hospitality is the one-stop solution for hotel revenue management and marketing.


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