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How To Grow Your Hotel And Its Revenue – Team Bigfoot

The hospitality industry is huge and ever-evolving. Every hotel aims to grow its business instantly, which has heightened competition insanely within our industry. With every coming day, a new competitor arises, and another obstacle to reach your goal emerges. All hotels strive and work equally hard to get in a parallel position to its competitor. All you need to do is go through these ideas on ‘ How To Grow Your Hotel And Its Revenue – Team Bigfoot’ and learn some tricks that promise to take you towards your goals smartly.

1. Manage OTA’s Strategically

Online Travel Agencies play a major role in growing a hotel business online. Every hotel should make a good presence and a connection with at least 2-3 OTAs for efficient functioning.

Complete your hotel listing properly, use keywords in your descriptions, and make use of high-resolution images. This will help you get more bookings and increase your ranking on these Online Travel Agencies.

2. Optimize Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing And Social Media Marketing has proven to boost hotel sales. Optimizing the digital marketing efforts of your hotel’s online presence is very important and goes a long way in increasing revenue.

Its now time to leave behind traditional marketing efforts and to adapt online marketing in the digital era. Digital Marketing is not only budget-friendly but is also more effective. If you’ve not created a strong online presence for your hotel, it’s time to do so.

We know exactly, how to grow your hotel business and increase its revenue – Team Bigfoot.

Our experts are just a call away! We expertise and have aced the strategies on how to increase hotel revenue during covid-19 altogether!

3. Direct Bookings

Every Hotelier nowadays wants to get more direct bookings. This saves the hotelier from paying high commissions to various online travel agencies. Receiving bookings through direct website visits, calls, social media, and referrals helps the hotelier save his finances.

Focus on building contacts and connections with existing guests in order to receive more direct bookings. Adding services, amenities, directions & contact details on all social media platforms will help increase sales through direct bookings.

This is one smart trick in the list of hotel growth strategies.

4. The Right Pricing Strategy

Adopting the right pricing strategy is mandatory for hotel revenue growth. Set up pricing on the inventories such that your hotel stands out from your competitors and attracts more guests. Keep a close eye on your competitor’s strategy and revise your own accordingly.

A hotelier can revise the price on the inventories depending on the season, occupancy rate, and the number of guests in a room. The right pricing strategy has helped hoteliers to achieve hotel growth in India.

5. Reviews

Replying to all kinds of reviews, whether good or bad is vital for every hotel business. Although maximum positive reviews will help you build a good online reputation, it is equally important to positively respond to negative reviews. The right response to an unhappy guest can convince him to visit your property again with higher expectations. It is your duty to then improve your hospitality and satisfy the guest.

Reviews can help you rank high on the Google Search Result Pages and on OTA’s. Apply various strategies mentioned in our blogs and build online links to receive maximum guest reviews.

Keeping in mind the downfall of the hospitality industry due to Covid-19, now is the right time to revive your hotel growth and join the everlasting race of business growth.

Hire yourself a hotel marketing & revenue management company. Because, excellent service at your hotel will need your attention, we the experts are always here to upscale your Hotel Growth & Revenue.


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