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How To Get More Guests With Google MyBusiness

What does Google MyBusiness do?

It is an amazing tool by Google that helps your business show up in the search results when people search for you online. However, the tool proves to be effective only if your profile is fully complete and optimized. One good thing about Google My business is that it’s Free! This makes it accessible to small businesses easily. In this blog, we’re going to explain in detail ‘How to get more guests with Google MyBusiness’ & how to optimize your account.

Why Is A Google MyBusiness Account Important?

Today, search is Digital. The first place anyone searches for a business, product, or service is always online or on Google. If you have any kind of business and want maximum people to know about it whether locally or globally, online search will play a major role for you.

Bigfoot Hospitality brings to you some fruitful Google MyBusiness Marketing Tips.

Whether you want more sales or more visitors to your physical store, Google is the main referrer for you. While improving your SEO, Google MyBusiness also helps people reach your shop when they look for a product/service similar to yours on Google Search or on Google Maps.

The Google Maps feature on your MyBusiness profile helps people navigate to your physical store just in a few clicks! If you own a Hotel Business and want to use the Google MyBusiness marketing strategy you will have to make sure your MyBusiness profile is fully completed and optimized.

Here’s how you can do so :

1. Complete Account Setup

Give Google as much information as you can. The accurate details about your business help people searching for your business locally, find you, and reach out to you. In this case, accurate location details play an important role to match your business to the relevant searches.

This means, your location details, business category, attributes, and more must be filled in very accurately.

Keywords play an equally important role here. Try searching keywords relevant to your business and its products on Google Trends with the right location filter. This shows you the keywords with the highest density of searches and people of what location search for your business the most. This is the first mandatory step among others on ‘How to get more guests with Google MyBusiness.

2. Let Your Business Stand Out With Photos

Show people what your business is all about. Photos will help your business stand out from your competitors effortlessly. Use your photos as your strong point here. Just like other online platforms, when you set up a Google MyBusiness account it will allow you to add your Logo, Cover Photo, and other Multiple Product Images. Without this, it will be difficult for people to recognize your brand online.

Don’t stop there! If you own a Hotel, Villa or Resort shows off the pictures of your serene location, your hotel interior & exterior photos, pictures of the delectable food you serve, images of happy guests, and so on.

Make sure they are high resolution, fun to watch, and appetizing enough. According to Google, businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for directions, and 35% more clicks through to their websites! Isn’t this a steal deal? This is how Google MyBusiness for hotels does the magic!

Hire a professional photographer if needed. Airbnb listings with photos taken by a professional photographer see a 40% increase in earnings, 24% more bookings, and 26% higher nightly price. Don’t forget to add the location and caption to every photo you add.

3. Updates & Offers

Use Google MyBusiness to post your business updates and special offers. Keeping your profile updated with a new product launch post, seasonal offers, and such attractive news that will drive more customers to your physical location and online website too!

Filling up your profile with precise working hours, address, and contact information is equally important. Make sure you update your information online in case there’s any change in them later. This an unmissable Google MyBusiness marketing tip!

4. Mention Special Features & Attributes

On your MyBusiness dashboard, click infoadd attributes & Edit. Search for an attribute that matches your business. Google will display relevant options. Choose the ones suitable for your hotel business and click Apply.

For example, Hotels can display class ratings and list the amenities they offer. This helps the benefits you offer be highlighted on your profile and in turn attracts more customers. Focus on listing the attributes that will beneficial for your guests like free unlimited WiFi services or a complimentary breakfast.

5. Encourage Guests To Leave A Review & Respond

People will trust other people’s past experiences with your business while making their booking decision. Reviews not only help in Google Ranking, but they also act in your favor when a prospective customer visits your Business Profile. A good Google Review can do wonders!

What’s more?

Google also offers a business with a free marketing kit that has stickers, social post templates, and printable posters. The best time to ask your guests for a review is after your great service. Send e-cards or receipts asking your guests to review your business on Google with the help of the free marketing kit.

Another important step is to respond to all reviews, either positive or negative. This helps to build trust among the people that visit your profile in the future. Positive interactions always build loyalty. Remember to respond to the reviews in your brand voice, while being light, constructive, and professional.

These were some of the ways on how to use Google MyBusiness to get more guests & using Google MyBusinesss as a Digital Marketing tool for your Hotel Business.

In case you need professional guidance on Hotel Revenue Management or Hotel Marketing feel free to contact us.

Happy Marketing!


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