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Hotel Value Proposition: Why Is It Important For Your Business.

Hotel Value Proposition: Why It Is Important For Your Business?

There are numerous hotels in a single popular location. When customers run a search on an OTA platform, it will take an entire week for you to even finalize the top 10 picks, out of which you will ultimately choose one. The question you will need to answer as a hotelier is; “Why should they choose you?” The reason whether or not a customer will book your hotel out of the many options is known as the hotel value proposition.

The hotel value proposition is the unique identifier of your hotel, which distinguishes you from your competitors. It is the most overlooked part of your hotel strategy, even though it is the most important. Your OTA listing, Hotel website, online ad, billboard etc should be dedicated to promoting your value proposition to attract potential customers.

A weak hotel value proposition will ensure that you will not stand out from your competitors and will lose out on business. A strong value proposition, on the other hand, will encourage your customers to book your hotel from the ocean of options.

What is Value Proposition? You may ask.

Value Proposition is the intersection between three factors -

  1. What do your customers need and want?

  2. What does your competition offer them to fulfil that need/want?

  3. How would you offer to fulfil their wants/needs in a better way?

All three questions are important because you need to identify the needs of your customers, what does your competition do to fulfil those needs and how, you as a player in the market, can beat the competition in their own game. The value proposition of your hotel is more than a slogan or a positioning statement - it is what your brand offers to its customers. Your hotel depends on it.

Your hotel proposition should meet the following goals:

  • It should be clear and easy to understand

  • Communicates specific results for the customer

  • Explains how it is better than its competitors

  • Can be understood instantly ideally within 10 seconds.

  • It conveys the benefits of your hotel in a clear manner.

Elements Of A Solid Hotel Value Proposition?

There are a few things that make a great hotel proposition. Some of them are:

1. A Strong Headline

The first impression is the last. If you falter at the beginning, you will surely not grab the attention of the customer. The time window is limited, and you need to act quick. This is where a strong headline comes into play.

2. Attractive Visuals

People want to see it to believe it. Words alone will not do. If your hotel is a jungle resort - your website, billboards and online ads should reflect that. If not, then they will not even consider you to have a particular hotel value proposition. Invest time in making your marketing as visually appealing as possible, you will not regret it.

3. Body

Words and visuals go hand in hand, one is ineffective without the another. You need to ensure that the content on your website i.e the body has all the information in a precise and crisp manner. Try to incorporate bullet points to make the content even more clear. You need to describe your rooms, amenities and offers to the customer in such a way that it encourages the customer to use your property.

To Conclude

With these, you can ensure that you can efficiently communicate the hotel's value proposition to attract the maximum customers amidst the various competitors. Through this, you can gain more profits and revenue.

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