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Hospitality Trends Hoteliers Must Follow In 2021

Practically, 2021 has been a completely different year post the pandemic as compared to the previous years. Every industry including the hospitality industry has gone through a drastic change in the last year. Now, everything is referred to as a ‘new normal’ bringing in a plethora of contrasts in the industry when compared to pre-covid times. In this article, Bigfoot Hospitality will talk about the Hospitality Trends Hoteliers Must Follow In 2021 to keep up with the latest hotel concept trends and developments.

1. Traveling Locally

Post-Covid, there has been a highlight on the local travel trend and local experiences. People now prefer to travel within the state for safety and precautionary reasons. Properties within a driving distance from urban cities are in higher demand as compared to the high-end famous spread of hotels.

The search terms ‘Hotels Near Me’ or ‘Villas Near Me’ are now on Google Trends and are showing heightened traffic. Promoting your property locally during these changing times will help you receive more bookings, website visits, and online clicks.

2. Transformation Of Corporate And Group Travel

Corporate and Group Travel that was once leisure travel, has now changed into trips that are close to nature and that are at a shorter travel distance. Work Trips are now Workations, wherein professionals prefer to work at a rejuvenating spot while enjoying nature’s beauty.

Practicing marketing efforts like retargeting, marketing campaigns emphasizing the benefits of local travel, and introducing new stay packages keeping in mind the ‘New Normal’ is highly recommended. Accurate Hotel Marketing will bring in increased group travel bookings to hoteliers in this season.

3. Change In Hotel Booking Trends

A complete change has been recorded in the hospitality industry, hotel bookings, and consumer behavior post-COVID-19. There is an absolute uncertainty on how guests plan to travel and search for hotels on the web. With travel restrictions, people are looking for holiday homes closer to where they are located, and hotels that follow maximum safety & sanitization precautions. This changes the booking patterns of the people planning to travel. Also now, there is a shorter booking window i.e there is a delay in the moment of booking. Last-minute hotel bookings are actually trending!

4. Sustainable Lifestyle And Natural Surroundings

Sustainable Hotels and Accommodations seem to be leading the holiday home trends in 2021. Globally, 73% of the travelers intent on planning a trip to an Eco-Friendly or “Green” accommodation. On the other hand, 70% of travelers are booking hotels that are “Eco-Friendly”, whether they were or weren’t looking for a sustainable lifestyle on their trip.

Also in these times, people believe in giving back to the planet and consider it of great importance. With increased safety precautions in these categories of hotels, they also give back to the local people and the planet. And travelers seem to fancy these types of accommodations. So, if you own a farmstay, eco-friendly resort, or a homely villa; this is the right time to promote and brand your property.

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5. Millennials And Aging Population

Hoteliers and drive great revenue with proper targeting and marketing efforts. Focusing on a specific age group and segment might help your hotel bookings increase drastically. Promote your activities and services based on specific age group targeting while planning marketing campaigns. The population over the age of 60 that is traveling is increasing at the fastest pace currently.

Hoteliers are recommended to focus on catering to the needs of this segment. Even after a global pandemic, there are ways for the hospitality industry to grow with constant marketing and revenue management efforts.

Bigfoot Hospitality is here to keep hoteliers and new hospitality entrepreneurs updated with the “Hospitality Trends Hoteliers Must Follow In 2021”, and always keep you inspired with new ideas to grow your business.

By making the right decision of hiring a hotel marketing and revenue management company, hoteliers and such property owners can grow even more in the current times.

Let’s stay ahead and get innovative to navigate these difficult times effectively.


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