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Email Marketing Strategies To Drive Hotel Revenue And Growth

With the soaring competition in the hospitality industry, Email Marketing is all a hotelier needs to gain an edge above all the competition. Emails are the best and most cost-effective way to reach potential guests, brand your hotel, nurture future guests, and keep in touch with past guests to convert them into loyal ones.

In this hotel marketing guide, Bigfoot Hospitality brings to you the five best Email Marketing Strategies To Drive Hotel Revenue And Growth.

1. Create Pre Check-In Emails

To start with hotel marketing campaigns, the first step is to gather emails and start creating a strong database. Focus on Setting-up visuals as well as written content once you know your target audience or subscribers. Creating a subscriber list is very necessary to avoid spamming emailers to hoteliers or guests that may not have enough interest in the brand.

Welcome your hotel guests with Pre Check-In Emailers. This is a great way to add personalization to your email marketing efforts. This makes the guests feel connected and keeps them informed about the pre-arrival details of your hotel.

Make sure you add these things in your pre-arrival emails-

  • Booking Information

  • Hotel Amenities

  • Address & the best way to get there

  • Activities

  • Best Spots Around The Property

  • Weather Forecast

  • Links Of The Hotel’s Social Accounts

2. Growing Social Presence Through Emails

Hoteliers believe in investing in marketing efforts in social media for sales and hotel growth. Although that is the right thing to do, the best way to build your social following is through emailers.

Email Marketing does not have an algorithm like social media platforms. It grants a direct connection with customers. This, in turn, decreases the social media dependency of hoteliers.

Email Marketing for hotels helps build a social following effectively while gaining actual followers who are interested in the brand.

3. Ratings - To Gain Customer Trust

People now trust online reviews just as much as customer recommendations. The reviews a hotel or resort has on different online platforms play important role in profitability and sales.

Email Marketing is the perfect channel to collect online reviews and feedback.

It is recorded that 80% of the customer reviews are driven by emails urging them to leave feedback about their experience. This will also help you increase your hotel visibility.

4. Send Post Check-Out Emails

Adding post-check-out emailers to your email marketing plan is an important part of the process. It is easier to hold existing customers than to create completely new ones. This is why regular follow-up emails even after the stay is complete must be done.

These are the things to include in your after-stay emailers-

  • Thank the customer for choosing your hotel as their holiday home.

  • A link for reviews and feedback

  • Encourage them to visit again

  • Offer them exclusive discounts and offers

  • Benefits and reward points.

5. Tracking These Email Campaigns

The final step to nailing your Hotel Email Marketing Campaigns is to constantly track the click-through rates and the email open rate. The final goal of such campaigns is always to boost the conversion rates. The open rate and click-through rate of your emails determine the amount of revenue you drive and the guests that will make bookings for a future stay.

Based on your tracking, make a note of what works and what does not. This will help make your next marketing efforts much more effective.

These were the Email Marketing Strategies To Drive Hotel Revenue And Growth. Automation added to the above mentioned steps will save a lot of time and manual labor.

Smart Work, Huge Results!


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