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Bleisure Travellers: How Hotels Can Attract This New Segment

Bleisure Travellers
Bleisure Travellers: How Hotels Can Attract This New Segment

The Hospitality and travel industry is ever-changing and dynamic, with new trends coming up on a regular basis. People travel for various purposes, such as vacation, weekend getaways and leisure. Another segment of travellers belongs to the business segment - those who travel to meet clients, attend meetings, close deals and try to get promoted.

Traditionally, leisure travellers and business travellers can be considered separate segments, which hotels try to target separately. However, a new segment has arrived in the market - the Bleisure Travellers. What are they? Let us find out!

Bleisure travellers combine business travel and leisure travel into one. Business travellers extend their business travel a little in order to relax and explore the place and go sightseeing. Another reason is that since the corporate pays for the travel, the business travellers can use that saved money in leisure activities.

How Can Hotels Attract Bleisure Travellers?

Corporate meeting.
Bleisure travellers are a new emerging segment.

Bleisure Travel is a new emerging segment. Hotels need some time and effort to understand what they want and how to attract this new emerging type of travellers. Here are some of the ways by which hotels can attract bleisure travellers.

1. Have An Infrastructure Optimal For Work

Even though bleisure travellers look for leisure, the business part is the primary concern for the travellers. Bleisure travellers want a hotel where they can work without any disturbance or discomfort. Here are a few ways by which hotels can attract this segment:

  • Have multiple workspaces and conference rooms for business travellers to work and host meetings, corporate events and other work-related events. Have High - a Speed internet connection. Bleisure travellers need them to do any type of work.

  • Have spare computers, laptops, and other IT accessories to help the guest carry out their tasks. Also, keep spare parts with you in case the travellers will need them. It’s always a great idea to keep stationeries as well because business travellers require them from time to time.

2. Offers and Packages Are Your Friends

Companies and bleisure travellers love it when they get everything in one package. It can be frustrating if they have to select different properties for rooms, conference halls and other amenities separately. That's why corporates love hotels that offer everything in one package.

There can be a package wherein the corporates can extend their business trip by 2 - 3 days for leisure travel and get a discount on the total cost. This will encourage companies to book bleisure travel for their employees, managers and high ranking managers.

3. Make Use Of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are reward-based marketing strategies by which the hotel retains their previous customer by offering them additional rewards and benefits for booking with you again. You can also use this program to attract new customers.

For example, if a company had booked your hotel in the previous year, you can offer them a great deal that combines work and vacation. This way they will book your hotel again, building a continuing relationship.

4. Target Where The Prospects Are

Business travellers and bleisure travellers are different from casual travellers. Sure they love to have a relaxing vacation (who doesn’t), but they need to be approached where they are. Casual travellers are on your usual social media sites. However, business travellers use their own platforms which are great for them.

You need to know where your prospects are and target them there. For example, finding business travellers on LinkedIn is a better strategy compared to looking for them on generic social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. Most business travellers hang around in airport lounges and also around co-working spaces.

5. Offer Something Which Bleisure Travellers Want

Bleisure Travellers want something more than business travel. They want business travel that offers them leisure as well. You need to offer them an opportunity to relax and unwind. Here are several ways by which you can take care of the leisure part of the bleisure travel:

  • Have a spa, sauna and other recreational amenities in your hotel. Corporate travellers after a stressful day of work require a place where they can soak in and relax.

  • Organise package tour for bleisure travellers where they can explore the various famous sights and other famous attractions in the location. The hotels can coordinate with companies to organize these packages.

  • You can have gaming facilities in your hotels, such as Playstation and Xbox. Who doesn’t like gaming after a day of work?

  • Offer a great restaurant and a bar in your hotel. Having a separate cafe is a great idea as well. In fact, many business travellers look for these amenities to relax.

6. Put A Strategic Distribution Strategy In Place

There are several ways to get bookings for your hotels. For Business hotels - having direct contact with the companies is the best way to gain bookings. Corporates also get better rates and the hotels also get a set of assured amount of customers regularly.

There are other ways to gain bookings as well. You can use OTAs and Hotel Bookings to gain more bookings. In fact, you can advertise a special corporate deal on your website. With these sources, you will be able to gain more bookings.

With these, you will be able to get bleisure travellers. It is a new emerging segment and hotels can make the most out of it by using the right strategies and including the right amenities for your hotels. Read our blogs to know more about the hospitality sector.


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