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A Checklist To Becoming A Successful Airbnb Host In 2021

Becoming an Airbnb host is a pretty great thing to do if you own a Hotel, Resort, or a Second Home. Excelling with this listing takes time and constant effort. To maintain the hotel’s presence on Airbnb, Hoteliers or Homestay Owners need to follow some basic requirements. And to stand out from the other listings in your locality or on the Airbnb Marketplace, you will have to keep your listing at a good ranking. Fortunately one can easily boost their hotel’s capabilities by following the tips in this blog.

Bigfoot Hospitality is here with ‘A Checklist To Becoming A Successful Airbnb Host In 2021.’

1. Essential Amenities At The Property

To successfully host property on Airbnb, the owners must provide the basic requirements necessary to make the stay of a guest a smooth one. These essential things that ensure a guest’s good night’s rest are Basic Toiletries, Clean Linens/Sheets, at least One Towel Per Room, Pillow, and Hygiene Essentials.

2. A Positively Balanced Online Reputation

If you plan to host property on Airbnb, having maximum good reviews is necessary. Guests look forward to staying at a place that has a consistent review and quality of stay no matter where they book.

The guests review the holiday home after the staycation is complete, and this makes the homeowners focus more on providing excellent service.

A unique feature of this online agency is that hoteliers receive an opportunity to rate their guests on the basis of Cleanliness, Communication, and Courteousness. This helps Airbnb to understand if the guests are treating your holiday home as their own. In case any guest is flagged by multiple holiday homeowners, they receive penalties.

3. Prompt Reservation Responses

The faster you respond to reservation requests by the guests, the better the chances are you get at earning a good review at the end. No guest will like to wait 4-5 hours to know if the holiday home is available for their stay. So if your Airbnb calendar shows that it’s vacant, we recommend promptly confirming the booking request. This also increases the chances of your property getting more booking requests.

One way of controlling the booking requests is changing the reservation settings of not receiving last-minute requests or ones that are too far in the future.

4. Avoiding Cancellations

Airbnb believes that the guest’s travel plan depends on them, considering whether or not they have found their ideal holiday home. The platform does not fancy cancellations and asks all hosts to avoid them, as this can ruin a traveler’s trip!

The listing will be subject to penalties, including financial penalties if the hotelier ever cancels a confirmed booking.

5. Accurate Hotel Or Homestay Details

Setting the right list of details available at the homestay is always a great idea for you as well as your guests. This helps the guests have a good experience and knows what to expect. This will help the guest figure if your holiday home meets his needs and requirements like- Pet Friendly.

A detailed listing will help you attract guests that are looking for something that you offer. At the end of the stay, they will have an opportunity to rate your accuracy!

Below are the things to accurately mention on an Airbnb Listing-

  • Accurate latest address

  • Accommodation Details

  • Decent Property Photos

  • Functional Amenities

  • Off-Limit Property Areas (If Any)

  • House Rules

  • Things to expect (eg- nearby construction sounds)

6. Cleanliness

As most photos suggest, guests will expect a clean and tidy holiday home for their stay. Hoteliers must make sure they provide clean accommodations to the guests, mostly when they have back-to-back bookings. Make sure you take your time and clean between bookings.

After the stay, guests will get an opportunity to rate your cleanliness too. This will be displayed on the property’s listing page and will be visible to your future potential guests.

7. Incredible Guest Service

Whether the hotel owner stays at the property or not, it is important for someone to be present at the property throughout the guest’s stay. He then gets an opportunity to rate the consistency and clarity of the hotelier’s communication and service at the end of the stay.

An average of these ratings is then seen on the holiday home’s listing page.

If you’re still wondering and need help with Airbnb or other OTA listings, contact the experts of Bigfoot Hospitality for a free consultation!


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