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5 Tricks To Optimize Your Hotel’s OTA Ranking Instantly

A consumer is likely to search for a hotel on an Online Travel Agency (OTA) when they plan for a trip. Travelers often choose a hotel from the first two pages of the search results. The order in which the hotel is listed or is ranked on the search results is determined by the Online Travel Agency (OTA) based on many different aspects. Also, Ranking amongst the top search results brings more revenue & is the dream of every hotelier. So, we bring to you ‘5 Tricks To Optimize Your Hotel’s OTA Ranking Instantly.’

In the last five years, there is an insane boom in the number of new hotels & accommodations in the market. This has given rise to competition. And now, visibility is always a priority for any business. A Hotelier can easily rely on an OTA- Online Travel Agency for visibility. This also acts as a deciding factor for your business growth.

If you are struggling to generate business from OTAs and want to master OTA management, Bigfoot Hospitality, OTA Management Company in Mumbai with expert managers, will help you boost your hotel ranking on all reputed online travel agencies.

Following are the things to consider the most,


Content is king in the digital world, whether written or visual. The same applies to Online Travel Agencies. Make sure the descriptions you write are detailed & accurate. Use relevant keywords that are area centric while crafting your descriptions, this will help improve your relevance & ranking. High-resolution images are the key to grab customer’s attention & gain trust. The Quality & Quantity of your visual content both play a major role in your hotel’s ranking- the more the better!


Make sure you update more inventories on the OTAs extranet. While determining the ranking of a property, the OTAs follow an algorithm and check for hotels that provide the maximum inventories.

In order to manage the inventory better, take the help of a hotel channel manager. Check our blog ‘Top 3 Channel Managers In India Reviewed by Team Bigfoot Hospitality’, to chose which is the best channel manager for your property.

Booking Confirmations

Honoring all bookings you receive on Hotel Travel Agencies is important. Make sure you don’t leave behind or cancel any bookings to replace them with your offline clients for extra revenue. Appropriate hotel booking management is mandatory or it will negatively affect your OTA ranking & your hotel’s visibility.

Rate Validity

When it comes to determining the ranking of property, an OTA considers whether you are updated & are regularly active. Creating a rate sheet or calendar for your seasonal rates and updating them on the OTAs from time to time will show positive results on your rankings. What’s best? There are multiple free tools online that will help you create pricing sheets & stay organized.


Similar to your property, OTAs are here for business too. Therefore, they give more importance to the hotels that provide them maximum commissions for every booking. So in case, you notice your ranking gets poor irrespective of all the above optimizations, it’s time to check the commission you offer to the OTAs.

OTAs like have a dedicated section on their extranet where you can boost your hotel ranking by providing extra commissions.

These were the basic ‘5 Tricks To Optimize Your Hotel’s OTA Ranking Instantly’. OTA management requires expertise & great experience for effective results. There are a few more strategies to boost your hotel’s ranking, to know more get in touch with Bigfoot Hospitality today!


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