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5 Online Marketing Tools Every Hotelier Must Know About

Having a deep understanding of online or digital marketing and managing a hotel gets all-consuming for a Hotelier. There are multiple factors that need the attention and skills of a Hotelier for a business to run hassle-free. Keeping up with all these hotel responsibilities while building a strong brand name online might get complicated.

Here, we bring to you some digital marketing tools that are easily understandable and effective for Hotel Marketing. These tools will ensure that you keep up with your competition and successfully brand your business on the web. Bigfoot Hospitality Marketing Experts have curated a list of 5 Online Marketing Tools Every Hotelier Must Know About and that also have a free version!

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is an easy to use and highly beneficial tool for the travel and hospitality industry. It is used to know about online search trends, the volume of the keywords searched, and also offers area - specific results. It shows how frequently a term or phrase is entered on the google search engine over the site’s total search volume in a given period of time. These results are very useful if you’re into Paid Ads or Search Engine Marketing.

Google Trends can be used for comparative keyword research and for excellent bidding strategies in Google Paid Ads., including the demographics and geographical details about the search engine users. You can start using this tool by entering a phrase or term in the search box, selecting the location, category, time frame and industry for more refined results.

2. Keyword Dot IO

For Keyword Research, another effective alternative for Google Trends is the tool. It is used to find long tail keywords related to any term you’re researching about. It’s results are based on real user insights from the Google Search Engine. This tool has a free version that generates all the keywords related to the term you search for according to the search engine results volume in a given month.

The ones with the highest searches are marked in Bold. If you need more specific analytics, hoteliers would need to buy a paid version of this tool.

(Example- Best Wine Tasting Hotels)

To begin with, you can prefer the free version of this tool without giving it a second thought!

3. Ubersuggest

Believe it or not, Ubersuggest is the best tool when it comes to keyword research and competitor analysis. This tool was created by Neil Patel in 2017, and since then it is helping digital marketing professionals achieve their desired research goals super effortlessly. This tool comes handy when you plan on working on your Hotel SEO and Content Marketing.

Ubersuggest has some features that are absolutely distinct from any other digital marketing tool, like traffic estimations, website keywords, and link data. This tool also shows the search volume of a specific term on mobile devices and on desktops.

Fact- Keywords With Maximum Mobile Traffic are not as valuable as Desktop Search Keywords. The Conversion Rate is lower on mobile devices as compared to Desktops.

4. Hootsuite

Social Media Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing. And the Hootsuite is considered as the best Social Media Management Tool. It helps track and manage your social media handles effortlessly and saves a lot of time that a hotelier can rather invest in other efforts. The dashboard and design of this system is user-friendly. A hotelier can keep a track of what is being said about his brand on social media and can respond to them instantly.

You can view streams of multiple social media handles updates that you schedule at one place under the section ‘Streams’. Hootsuite has the option of connecting Social Media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and, much more.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important Hotel Marketing Tool. A Hotel’s Online Asset and Toolbox is its website. If you want to figure out how your website is performing for your property, you can use Google Analytics. This free tool from Google, will help you track the actions and duration of your guests or potential guests on the website. If you create content on your website (for example blogs), Google Analytics will show you the volume of traffic you generate on the page.

When it comes to direct bookings, this tool is most effective. It shows the sites from which your visitors navigated to your website, how much time they spend, and even where the visitor is located.

By knowing where your biggest audience is, you’ll know which geographic location you want to target your marketing efforts.

There’s a bunch of free digital marketing tools that are very effective for hotel marketing and that are ideal for beginners. These were the 5 Online Marketing Tools Every Hotelier Must Know About, and that will help hoteliers stay focused when it comes to creating and growing their hotel brand online.

Bigfoot Hospitality, the best hotel marketing and revenue management company in Mumbai has many more ideas, tricks, and expert advice for hoteliers. Feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation!


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