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5 Business Tips For Hoteliers To Keep Going During The Corona Virus Outbreak

Four months into 2021, and the Hospitality Industry is in a battle with the second wave of the Coronavirus Outbreak. The world faced a similar crisis one year ago, and studies record this one to be worse. This has made a heavy toll on the travel and hospitality industry in India.

In spite of being in the middle of the peak season of ‘April & May’, hoteliers are struggling with cancelled trips, and 80% drop in occupancy. If you’re a Hotelier or a Second Home Owner and want your business to stay afloat in the coming months amidst the pandemic, Bigfoot Hospitality is here for you.

Read this blog about ‘5 Business Tips For Hoteliers To Keep Going During The Corona Virus Outbreak’ and make the most out of them.

1. Hold On To Your Bookings

Since the pandemic has left travelers with no option than to stay indoors, we insist hoteliers to provide flexible solutions. Pushing your bookings to the future dates rather than cancelling them is a great idea!

This not only saves hoteliers their revenue, but also will be a spot on offer for the guests. This will earn yourself a good reputation too, for favoring your guests in this critical hour. As a hotelier, it will help plan the future for the upcoming months, letting you allocate inventory accordingly. Why not provide great service while staying indoors too!

2. During This Beak, Plan For The Coming Season

Travel and Hospitality are the most loved industries, and therefore Hotel Businesses will never seize to exist. Instead of worrying about the current situations, we recommend hoteliers to invest their time into planning for the upcoming peak seasons and even for the coming years.

Stay ahead of time, analyze dynamic strategies and monitor trends to keep yourself ahead when things begin to get normal.

3. Long Term Planning Strategy

Although people are traveling comparatively lesser in this situation, make sure the daily inventory and operations are being managed. While doing so, don’t lose sight of long term planning and target creations for the hotel business. Since the lockdown has given ample amounts of time to hoteliers, we suggest to re-plan and re-think your revenue strategies.

In case you lose sight of boosting revenue in the coming months, contact Bigfoot Hospitality for a free consultation on Revenue Management and Hotel Marketing.

4. Quick Responses

Travelers’ will be eager to start traveling or may travel even during these times with respect to work or other needs. Make sure you as a hotelier, are available online or offline whenever a guest tries to reach out to your property.

This ensures the potential guest that your property is well managed, organized, and trustable. Currently this is the most important thing to attract business.

5. Prioritize Excellent Guest Service

As Hoteliers, some are still focusing on providing great service to the guests stuck or staying at their hotels in these difficult times. This is the perfect time to gain the trust of your guests, that they can rely on you. This will help build a good reputation and some really good reviews.

Make sure the hotel staff is following all Sanitization and Safety Guidelines by the WHO. Provide guests with sanitizers, maintain 50% occupancy rates, avoid physical contact or handshakes, stay prepared for worst case scenarios, and regularly disinfect common touchpoints.

With ample time on your hands, Hoteliers can direct and invest it towards improving the quality of their services and plan for innovative ideas to attract guests in the coming peaks.

If you are willing to think and plan something beyond this Pandemic and Boost Hotel Bookings in the upcoming months, get in touch with Bigfoot Hospitality or leave an email on

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