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5 Brilliant Hotel Photography Secrets

High-Resolution Images are key to branding a hotel successfully. Hotel Photography has now become a mandatory marketing aspect for hoteliers to grow and is also an interesting career option. Making use of interior styling skills with the knowledge of perfect angles is what Hotel Photography looks like. Although, we feel that there’s much more to real estate photography than just entering glamorous hotels, BnB’s, and clicking pictures. In this blog, Read about 5 Brilliant Hotel Photography Secrets put together by the photography team of Bigfoot Hospitality.

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Here are some tips that will help you get outstanding results when it comes to Hotel Photography :

1. Invest In Good Gear

Just like other photography niches, every photographer needs to invest in the right gear for good results. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, smartphone cameras won’t do you any good. Investing in the right camera is a great idea.

A wide-angle lens to incorporate every detail of the interior, a tripod to avoid camera shakes, and a drone for aerial view shots are a starter’s pack for newbie photographers. These gears and basic photography skills will help you get professional hotel photographs effortlessly.

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2. Use Natural Light

When it comes to any kind of photography, natural lighting is the best. Try to click maximum pictures in the natural light. Architectural and Interior photographs turn out to be flawless when clicked in daylight. Even rare little interior details are easily highlighted with this light source.

Open the curtains, windows & shutters, and use the HDR mode. Doing this, the pictures will turn out as realistic as ever! If you want to attract guests, it is important to portray the space as bright and airy. No one would prefer a dark cave as a holiday home.

3. Choose The Perfect Angles

Eye-level pictures are overrated and do not create drama. Shoot pictures from different angles that highlight the best features of the hotel rooms. Always choose an angle lower than eye-level. This will help decrease furniture distortion.

If the hotel interiors are architecturally rich or have artistic corridors then click from an angle higher than eye-level. This will capture the design splendidly. Also, click pictures from a corner of the room because this will include maximum details of the interior in one frame.

Don’t fear taking a few test shots. The method of trial and error will help you figure out the best angles.

4. Exterior Shoot

The holiday home consists not only of the rooms. Consider clicking good pictures of the lobby, dining area, etc, too. What the guest sees first is the exterior of the hotel, its surroundings, the view, and the facilities.

Take these pictures in good lighting, and make sure you present them well. If your hotel has a huge infinity pool, a sea view, cute little dining areas, or such unique features, shoot great pictures of them. The efforts will bring in positive results!

5. Include A Human Presence

Your pictures may look good but, they may seem incomplete without a human presence. Guests will always like to feel the warmth of a smile, a welcome, or a greeting.

Include hotel staff, guests, and kids in your photos to add a little character to them. A smiling face always makes everything much more appealing and welcoming. Adding real guests doing the activities or even having a cup of tea will bring your photographs to life.

Hotel Photographs are an integral part of branding, marketing, and driving sales. Knowing the right photography tips & tricks is very important for a photographer. If you as a hotelier, do not possess the right gear, or the skill, we recommend hiring a professional photographer to do the job. Bigfoot Hospitality has the best hotel photography packages and delivers with excellence!

Happy Photographing!


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