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Expert Hotel Search Engine Marketing Tips

Is your hotel struggling with Online Visibility? Do you want your hotel to show up on the top result of Google Searches? If yes, you’re in the right place!

Ranking good on a Google Search Engine Page attracts more customers easily. Although, the process of Hotel SEO of optimizing your website according to the relevant keywords takes a lot of effort and time investment.

Bigfoot Hospitality has put together the Top 5 Expert Hotel Search Engine Marketing Tips that hoteliers must follow for better Online Visibility.

What is Search Engine Optimisation And Why Is It So Important For Hotels?

Putting it in a simple set of words, Search Engine Marketing is often abbreviated as SEO. And, SEO is the process of optimizing your website & it's content in a way that it shows up on the top of a search results page. For instance, when someone searches for a term that is relevant to your business, your website will show up on the first page. It is recorded that websites are most likely to receive clicks if the website shows up on the first 3 pages of a search result. (Example- Google)

Excellent SEO helps a hotelier receive more online visibility and the chances of direct bookings get higher! Isn’t this the best marketing strategy for hotels?

Let’s know about these Search Engine Marketing Tips that hotels most hotels are missing out on, and how you can start doing it for your own hotel today!

1. Target The Keywords That Represent Your Hotel

The crucial component of SEO is Keyword. Think from the POV of being a traveler looking for a holiday home. What are the words which you’ll be searching for? Do these phrases appear at least once on your website? Invest time in researching what are the keywords that are being used by people in your area that are searching for hotels. Make you include these keywords in your page title, descriptions, copywriting, and other content.

Search Engines like Google are very smart when it comes to showing the relevant pages on its Search Engine Results, but there is some SEO ranking algorithm it follows for more accurate results.

2. Quick Loading Speed

Is your hotel website loaded with images of your rooms, amenities, attractions, etc? If yes, it is a good thing. But if these images are very large, they make take a lot of time to load and this will decrease your website’s loading speed. Make sure you compress your HD images while maintaining their visual quality.

A small part of SEO is how quickly your website loads. Websites that load quickly rank better on the search result pages. Also, the attention span of a person searching for something on the web is very short or fragile. If your page takes longer to load, they may leave the page right away. This will increase the bounce rate of your website and Google may see your website as very slow or not responsive. This will hamper your SEO ranking.

3. Keyword-Rich Content

Keywords are the trick to improve a website’s SEO and Ranking. Make your website content keyword-rich. The most important Search Engine Optimization algorithm is indexing. This is a process when the crawlers of a search engine crawl a website and search for keywords most relevant to the top searches. The websites with a high density of such keywords in their content are indexed well and ranked on top.

Include keywords in your title, descriptions, on-page content, blogs, image tags, etc. Also, make sure to add call-to-action words on your page. ( Example- Book Your Trip With Us)

4. SEO Audit

All of the above-mentioned SEM tips are fairly simple to understand and can put to practice even by an SEO beginner. Although, the last one - SEO Audit is a bit advanced. It is meant for the hotelier who owns a hotel business in a very saturated or competitive market. The most important algorithm of Google among others is that how many links a website has pointing or leading towards it. The website with maximum links that come from other rich sources ranks better. In other words, the more popular your website or the more people talk about your website, the more chances of ranking #1 on the search result pages.

It includes tactics like link building, blogging, guest posting, increased marketing efforts, social media marketing, and much more. As said before, SEO is a process that takes effort and time investment. But the results help reach new heights!

Bigfoot Hospitality does exactly what it takes for hotels to grow, not just for a short span, but for the long-term. Hotel Branding, Hotel Search Engine Marketing, Hotel Marketing, And Content Management are the key to building your own hotel empire.

If you’re keen to take your hotel to new heights and change the business game in a positive way, reach out to us now.


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