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Hotel Channel Management

Since hotels now have listings on multiple OTAs, Channel Management has become essential in order to avoid rate disparity, low performance on different OTAs, keeping track of room inventory and avoiding overselling or underselling. It is difficult for each individual hotelier to track each channel. This is where Hotel Channel Managers come into the picture, and for that, a team of experts is required to manage it effectively. 


Bigfoot has one of the best Channel Manager Software that allows us to help clients manage their listings on OTAs on one web-based platform. This saves a lot of time, energy and effort, which the hotelier can use for providing customer satisfaction. The best part about an integrated Channel Manager is that it avoids double bookings and overbookings of a property. 


Our services have become a boon for many small businesses that don’t have the time or the expertise of managing a channel manager. We manage them efficiently and provide business growth to our clients. 

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