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Payment Follow-ups With OTAs

Online travel agencies are one of the most important parts of the hotel business as they give you the most number of customers but to get the payments on time from the OTAs is the other difficult task people have in the hotel business to handle. We provide these services so that our client can save their efforts from wasting in this kind of follow-ups. We do it by sending a regular payment reminder email to OTA and also by giving immediate replies to the OTA team’s email, to make sure the delay is not from the client’s end on any related issues such as lack of document or confirmation or changes etc. Our efforts assure the timely payment receipt from all the agencies. Bigfoot constantly work on its methods and strategies to be developed for payment follow up with OTA services as we understand the value of timely payment for our clients. We have a team dedicatedly working only for payment follow ups and they are very strict towards their targets of getting the desired payments of our clients from OTAs.

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