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Advantages Of Increased Direct Bookings For Hotels

Direct Bookings result in excellent benefits for hoteliers. However, some still rely on the vast market of the OTAs. There is no doubt that Online Travel Agencies bring in a lot of bookings, but at what cost? OTAs have been around for over 2 decades and the commission they charge on each booking is very huge. Not just this, there are a good number of points backing up the reason to focus on direct bookings.

Bigfoot Hospitality brings to you the ‘Advantages Of Increased Direct Bookings For Hotels’, and how we as a Revenue Management Company can help you receive maximum direct bookings & generate high revenue.

1. Better Guest Relationship

In the hospitality industry, a great reputation with the guest and maintaining a good relationship is vital. Good communication with the potential guest is important so that he/she trusts the hotel and is satisfied while confirming the booking. This not only helps you generate more bookings it also makes sure the inquiries you receive are confirmed instantly.

A few years ago, announced that they would not share the guest’s number or email addresses with hoteliers. This now acts as a huge blocker when it comes to understanding the guest’s requirements, providing satisfactory service, or even identifying the guest. Thus, hoteliers should focus on their hotel marketing efforts to generate more direct bookings.

2. Personalized Online Experience

When accepting or receiving a direct booking, the first thing a guest does is visiting your Hotel Website. Hoteliers must make sure they personalize their website according to the core theme and amenities of the hotel so that the potential guest gets a gist of your hotel virtually. This way you provide your guest with an amazing pre-booking experience that will double your chances of receiving a genuine booking.

Repeated guests and loyal ones are created through such direct bookings, unlike the ones received from OTAs. This is another best advantage of increased direct bookings for hotels.

3. Control On Pricing

Control on pricing is the key to brilliant hotel revenue management. If hoteliers don’t need to pay a high amount of commissions to OTA’s for online bookings, they receive the luxury of price control. This way they can better manage the prices they charge for each room of the resort or holiday home, benefiting both - The Guest and The Hotelier.

As a hotelier, you can play and experiment with your pricing strategy. And as a guest, you confirm a discounted deal! With years of experience, this is what Bigfoot Hospitality- The Hotel Marketing And Revenue Management Company have deep insights into.

4. Improved Guest Experience

When a hotelier accepts a direct booking, he has a better personal relationship with the guests and strives to provide incredible service. Direct Bookings grant the hotelier complete control over the experience they offer the guests right from the online website visits until they check-out.

This also helps hoteliers earn increased positive reviews from the guests on Google, improving the online reputation of the hotel brand.

5. Low Cancellations And High Revenue

Hotels have to deal with almost 40% cancellations on the bookings they get from OTAs. According to a recent survey, received 104% increased booking cancellations. This results in 31% more cancellations as compared to direct website bookings.

Such kind of bookings results in major ‘loss of revenue’ and ‘loss in opportunity.’ A well-planned revenue management strategy helps tackle such problems, leading to a boost in hotel revenue.

When hoteliers generate higher direct bookings via Google and Website Visits, they have the opportunity to provide virtual property tours and have control over the bookings accepted. There is a whole set of efforts and strategies that goes into driving increased direct bookings. Some to be named -Online SEO, Marketing, Reservation Management, and much more!

If you’re a hotelier, get in touch with Bigfoot Hospitality for a free consultation on the same!


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