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Top 5 Types Of Video Marketing For Hotels

Video Content is king when it comes to Hotels. Videos are the most effective types of content for a hotel business. It has been recorded that marketers who use video content regularly grow revenue faster, i.e up to 49% as compared to non-video users. Video Content can be very flexible & can be used nearly for every business goal. Since Bigfoot Hospitality specializes in Hotel Marketing & Hotel Revenue Management, we have curated ‘Top 5 Types Of Video Marketing For Hotels’, which will make a huge difference in your online presence. And will also bring you more bookings.

Before we share with you some brilliant video content ideas for hotels, it is important to know the basics of video marketing.

What are the basic points of video marketing?

  • Set your marketing goal

  • Prepare a video content calendar

  • Hire a professional content creator for your hotel business

  • Plan your marketing channels carefully & in advance

Now, that you are aware of these key points, let’s look at the 5 Hotel Video Marketing Strategies that you can try on your hotel.

1. User-Generated Content

A Social Media presence on any platform like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or others works effectively when a personal touch is added to them. It is important to give your brand a face so that the factor of trust is built among your audience. User-generated content is a highly effective video content type, and works wonders when it comes to a hotel business.

Real-life guests walking into their rooms, enjoying an event, or chilling in the pool, can be amazing video content for your hotel, without any extra labor or cost. A video footage shot from the guest’s smartphone itself can be used by the hotel on social media for marketing purposes. UGC works as a word-of-mouth marketing strategy for your brand in the form of video on digital platforms.

Videos of guests enjoying the amenities of your resort or a view from the window will act as a guest review and will help you gain trust. This makes UGC one of the important video content types.

2. Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes, video content is a great way to showcase your brand identity in terms of transparency, leadership, excellence & innovation. It helps showcase your raw side and behind the curtains reality of the brand.

Shoot short clips of your guests enjoying or your cook preparing delicious meals for the guests, and uploads them on social platforms. Your social audience or potential guests would love to experience brand transparency & personal comfort.

Adding a personal touch to your brand once again has proven to be another smart video marketing strategy.

3. Virtual Tours

A virtual tour video is an absolute must for hotels, resorts, or villas. No matter how good your written content may be, a traveler will want to make sure the room he plans to stay in is just as good as you exclaim.

Every traveler has a nightmare and is horrified by the throught that his holiday home will not meet his expectations. Therefore, a virtual tour of your hotel will keep the guest informed and assured while making a booking.

A short video would keep guest concerns away effortlessly. Create a tour of your rooms, the vicinity, food, pool, dining room, every luxury amenity you offer & want the guest to know about.

4. Brand Marketing

A video that represents the theme of your brand while flaunting the amenities of your hotel is really good visual content. Your holiday home is a destination as a whole for a traveler or your guest. They will always need a visual representation of your brand, its packages, amenities, and services. It’s a sure bet that a video of your location, attractions & hotel identity will convey your brand message to the guest.

Design your video marketing content such that it defines travel, leisure & comfort. Also Read: The Secret To Branding Your Hotel The Right Way

5. The Event Showcase

Hotels often missout on these moments that they can capture & is quality video content. Videos of events that take place in your hotel or your hotel’s social contributions will work best.

If your hotel celebrates Diwali, hosts Weddings, Parties, or even a bonfire night. Make sure you capture all that you can for digital use.

These are the things that come naturally to your hotel and its guests. Create videos and make sure you maintain a balance while being very relevant to your brand identity.

Planning your schedule, shoot time, location & the videographer in advance is recommended. This will help the process be fun & productive. For this, you will need a person who is hands-on with editing skills for picture-perfect outputs.

Bigfoot Hospitality offers professional hotel photography & videography along with hotel marketing & hotel revenue management. Reach out to us, and let us help you meet your hotel marketing goals.

In Hotel Marketing, there’s a lot of room to be creative and interactive. However, a good strategy is a must. Good decision-making skills, creative thinking & planning is the key to quality video content. It is not as complex as it sounds once you get your hands on it.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.”

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