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Top 3 Channel Managers In India Reviewed by Team Bigfoot Hospitality

What exactly does a Hotel Channel Manager do?

A Hotel Channel Manager is a software that helps to manage a hotel business effortlessly. The ideal role of a good Channel Manager is to manage rates and inventories across all OTAs and online platforms.

In this blog, we explain the Top 3 Channel Managers In India. Bigfoot Hospitality uses them to manage & boost your hotel sales instantly!

The motive of this blog is to shed light upon the Hotel Channel Manager Comparison, which will make it easy to understand which one works the best for you.

Let’s rate the effectiveness of each software based on the points mentioned below :

  • Usability

  • Connectivity & Software Speed

  • Service and Support provided

  • Features

  • Value

Having great experience and expertise in the Hotel Revenue Management industry, We as Hotel Revenue Experts would suggest these Top 3 Channel Managers are worth investing in and are of good value for the price you spend.

Staah is a systematically designed user-friendly software. It is best known for its incredible connectivity. Staah is the leading channel manager when it comes to managing Hotel Businesses online as well as offline through one system. The software is connected to most of the PMS and OTAs. It’s seamless integration makes it easy to work with.

Staah is a globally recognised software with its headquarters in New Zealand, and the support provided by the team is very prompt.

What makes Staah one of the Best Channel Managers In India, is that it can efficiently manage any hotel right from a vacation rental to a 7-star property. If you’re a beginner, the software may seem slightly difficult to use. Although, we promise that once you start exploring the software and its features, it’s going to give you unreal results!

The connectivity of Staah is good, and you’ll face no issue while pushing rates and inventory to OTAs. The speed factor of the software passes with great figures too!

The Review Minder system of the software is spot on to handle Hotel Reviews Online.

The value or the pricing factor of Staah is justifying, considering the features and its connectivity with most of the local PMS companies.


On our list of Best Hotel Channel Managers, Ezee is the second software we’re talking about. The user interface of the software is modernized yet easy to understand. It is also connected to the majority of PMS.

Ezee comes with a complete package for hotels including Hotel on-site PMS to Restaurant POS.

Similar to Staah, Ezee is known throughout the globe and provides easy management solutions to all categories of hotels.

Updating rates and inventory in the systems is a hasslefree process.This makes the software easily adaptable. It has a decent connectivity with all OTAs and most of the external PMS companies.

The software processing speed is very good. Moreover, the internal team of Ezee provides quick and professional assistance whenever needed.

Ezee has recently come up with a new product called Ezee Panorama; a hotel website builder. This has been a promising update to the software.

The value we pay for this channel manager is worth every penny and it’s fair to acclaim that Ezee provides the user with more than what they actually pay.

This software has undoubtedly made it to the list of Top 3 Channel Managers In India.


Djubo is a slightly different software in comparison to other Hotel Channel Managers. The strengths of the software can sometimes prove to be it’s weakness and vice-versa.

Djubo is designed keeping in mind the requirements and demands of a stand-alone hotel or a property. It bears some features that are very distinct from the other channel managers in India. It provides expert solutions to solve the problems that a single property owner faces.

One unique feature of Djubo is the CRS system or it’s Dashboard.

It has an authentic dashboard system with a live check-in and check-out facility. Moreover, a hotelier can also track the real time inventory through the dashboard offered by Djubo. The overall review of the software is that it’s very unique and convenient to use.

The connectivity of the software is decent, although it lacks behind in third-party PMS connectivity. The speed of the software is good.

Djubo’s payment system for offline bookings and revenue management systems is one of its strong points. In addition, the software offers its users a number of unique features.

Djubo surely provides a fair value for the money invested, the service and support offered by the software team can be a lot better. As said before, Djubo is the Best Hotel Channel Manager for stand-alone properties.


This was a complete guide to the Top 3 Channel Managers In India. In case, you’re looking for an expert Hotel Revenue Manager and Hotel Marketing Manager feel free to visit Bigfoot Hospitality– The experts that will help you boost your hotel reach and revenue.


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