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Hotel Marketing Strategies For 2021

With the changing business circumstances in 2020, knowing the right Hotel Marketing Strategies in 2021 is very important. It is difficult to put enough emphasis on the importance of knowing the right marketing strategies to grow your hotel business or even to launch a new hotel. In order to generate more bookings, create a strong brand identity, and for brand awareness, hoteliers would need to follow these Hotel Marketing Strategies For 2021.

Always Highlight The Safety & Sanitization Trait Of Your Hotel And Use It As Your Strong Point.

Guests will always look for properties or holiday homes that are completely safe to stay in post-covid due to the threat created. A hotel is likely to lose great opportunities if the safety part is not marketed in the right way. After they visit the hotel, they must get a feeling of low risk and maximum safety.

Explain the safety measures taken by your hotel or resort on the website homepage, social media, at the time of booking, and pre-stay.

Further, read about the best hotel marketing strategies for 2021-

1. Build A Minimal Yet Great Website

A website must always be simple and easily understandable. There’s no point in having an overly fancy and complicated website. Keeping your hotel website minimal will make it SEO friendly, easily readable by google, and great for your website visitors.

Online Hotel Marketing is just a play of utilizing relevant keywords, high-resolution images with the right tags, amazing design, and rich content. This will help you also rank on Google Search Results and increase your chances to get clicks.

Bigfoot Hospitality – a hotel marketing company in Mumbai, expertises in SEO Friendly Websites and Hotel Marketing. Feel free to get in touch with us for a consultation!

2. Provide An Online Hotel Experience

Provided the COVID situations, guests would like to trust your hotel completely before visiting your hotel. Many travelers need to be convinced that the property is worth visiting and is safe. Uploading attractive virtual reality tours or videos of your hotel, highlighting the amenities and safety measures will work best.

This will allow guests to be sure of their visit and will even open opportunities for your hotel for bigger events or weddings. Greatly Explained Hotel facilities in hotel tour videos have opened great marketing scope for Hoteliers in recent times, bringing in a noticeable growth in hotel revenue. This hotel marketing strategy for 2021 will also help build an online reputation.

3. SEO And OTA Promotions

With travel restrictions this year, people prefer traveling locally. The most effective strategy will be to focus on local SEO as people will be searching for holiday homes in nearby cities. ( Example- Pune, Mumbai, or Maharashtra)

Add local SEO keywords to your website, SEO practices, Social Media Content, OTAs, and blogs. This will help your rank better and attract maximum local traffic to your property.

Another important strategy is to stay updated and use advanced skills when it comes to your OTA listings. It is important to capitalize on online travel agencies for regular business, in this new age. Although they may bring you business, do not only focus solely on OTAs. Contribute equal efforts to other platforms as well, because direct bookings are better at any point comparatively.

4. Get Social Media Savvy

The most important Hotel Marketing Strategy in 2021 is to get social media savvy. You are way behind in the marketing race if you’re not fully utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. Maintaining your presence and being active regularly is the key to build a good online reputation and audience.

Generating bookings without paying any commissions is a huge plus point of Social Media. While organic results take time, paid ads work wonders in lead generation. Create content, use keywords, and generate links to your website through social media.

Bigfoot Hospitality skillfully and creatively manages Hotel Marketing Activities on Social Media for Hotels.

5. Personalization Marketing

For the hospitality industry, it is very important to promote your hotel’s personal traits to appeal to potential customers and to stand out from the others. Personalization marketing is a whole vast topic to understand. It guarantees an increase in revenue and brings fruit to the other marketing efforts you put in.

These were some of the latest hotel marketing strategies to bring in a trial in the new year. We at bigfoot hospitality always make sure the hoteliers in India build a good brand name and succeed in the industry.

This makes us one of the best hotel marketing companies in India and the experience of successfully branding 100+ hotels in India has brought us expertise.

Contact us for assistance in hotel marketing!


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